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"V.V. Gorym!"
―VV Gorin's first words after being summoned by Gynamo.[src]

―VV Gorin after enlarging himself.[src]

―VV Gorim reacting to RV Robo racing at him with it's RV Sword and his final word before his death.[src]

VV Gorin (ヴゥーヴゥーゴリーン VūVū Gorīn, 23)


Bowzock's best gold medal athlete who resembles an Olympic torch. He was sent to steal the Legendary Power Stone, a jewel that fell to earth on a meteorite long time ago so that they could drop it in Baribarian water. The water's natural explosive electric properties can turned it into a weapon that would destroy Earth. He was sent to steal a jewel the Bowzock hoped to use in a new super-weapon to blow up Earth. Uses weapons based on various Olympic events, including javelins and rhythm gymnastic ribbons. Ate Imo-Youkan after being shot by the Muffler Guns and destroyed by RV Robo's Reckless Dash Cut.


Gorin is an athlete and he is very proud of his muscles also he likes to pose. He can run faster than a moving car. But despite his musclehead-look, Gorin is surprisingly smart showed by him setting a clever trap to get the gem and he also easily saw through Blue Racer's first two attempts to trick him.

Powers and Abilities


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  • He uses weapons based on various Olympic events, including javelins, rhythmic gymnastic ribbons, and boxing gloves which he can summon with the special medal on his chest.

Behind the Scenes



His motifs are an Olympic torch and an Olympic cauldron.

Concept Art


His name is a pun on 五輪 (Gorin), which is the Japanese word for the Olympics.


  • VV Gorlin's theme of being an Olympic athlete coordinated with the episode airing at the same time as the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA, USA.


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