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The VS Vehicles (VSビークル Bui Esu Bīkuru) are the collectibles and Mecha of the Lupinrangers and Patrangers.


Named for their compatibility with the VS Changer, the VS vehicles consist of the Dial Fighters, Trigger Machines, X-Trains and Strikers, all four being pieces of the mysterious Lupin Collection modified for human usage.

The Dial Fighters have the ability to decode an unlock a Gangler Safe, while conversely, the Trigger Machines would reset, seal and disable the safes. The Strikers are designed to work with both teams, and are pivotal to the mecha combinations. The X-Trains, designed specifically for usage by Noël Takao, also have the ability to form a giant robo on their own while serving as his changer. With the exception of GoodStriker, Jackpot Striker, and X-Trains Gold and Silver, all VS Vehicles have an attack mode.


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List of known VS Vehicles

Main article: Dial Fighters

  • Red Dial Fighter (レッドダイヤルファイター Reddo Daiyaru Faitā): Used by Kairi Yano (Lupin Red). A red jet fighter capable of firing energy webs in attack mode.
  • Blue Dial Fighter (ブルーダイヤルファイター Burū Daiyaru Faitā): Used by Tooma Yoimachi (Lupin Blue). A blue war plane capable of firing gatling rounds in attack mode.
  • Yellow Dial Fighter (イエローダイヤルファイター Ierō Daiyaru Faitā): Used by Umika Hayami (Lupin Yellow). A yellow futuristic gyrocopter capable of firing energy saws in attack mode.

  • Cyclone Dial Fighter (サイクロンダイヤルファイター Saikuron Daiyaru Faitā): A lime coaxial rotor helicopter capable of conjuring energy propellers as projectiles.
  • Scissors Dial Fighter & Blade Dial Fighter (シザーズダイヤルファイター&ブレードダイヤルファイター Shizāzu Daiyaru Faitā & Burēdo Daiyaru Faitā): A gray Dial Fighter combo that grants the user a shield and boomerang.
    • Scissors Dial Fighter (シザーズダイヤルファイター Shizāzu Daiyaru Faitā): A gray bomber craft.
    • Blade Dial Fighter (ブレードダイヤルファイター Burēdo Daiyaru Faitā): A gray fighter jet.
      • Hammer Dial Fighter (ハンマーダイヤルファイター Hanmā Daiyaru Faitā): An orange tiltrotor.
  • Magic Dial Fighter (マジックダイヤルファイター Majikku Daiyaru Faitā): A white zeppelin granting the user an energized bow and arrow.

Main article: Trigger Machines

Main article: X Trains

  • X Train Silver (エックストレインシルバー Ekusu Torein Shirubā)
  • X Train Gold (エックストレインゴールド Ekusu Torein Gōrudo)
  • X Train Fire (エックストレインファイヤー Ekusu Torein Faiyā)
  • X Train Thunder (エックストレインサンダー Ekusu Torein Sandā)

  • X Train Chain (エックストレインチェーン Ekusu Torein Chēn)
  • X Train Jail (エックストレインジェイル Ekusu Torein Jeiru)

Main article: Strikers
  • GoodStriker (グッドストライカー GuddoSutoraikā)
  • Jackpot Striker (ジャックポットストライカー Jakkupotto Sutoraikā)
  • SirenStriker (サイレンストライカー Sairen Sutoraikā)
  • VictoryStriker (ビクトリーストライカー BikutorīSutoraikā)

Unused VS Vehicles

These are VS Vehicles that have sounds programmed into the DX VS Changer, but did not appear in the show and have no confirmation regarding their presence in future mediums, and exist here for completion's sake.[2][3]

  • Black (ブラック Burakku) Dial code: 0-0-0, Summoning announcement: "B-B-B-Black!"

  • Boomerang (ブーメラン Būmeran) Dial code: 2-2-6, Summoning announcement: "B-B-B-Boomerang!"
  • Chocolate (チョコレート Chokorēto) Dial code: 1-4-5, Summoning announcement: "Ch-Ch-Ch-Chocolate!"
  • Halloween (ハロウィン Harō~in) Dial code: 1-0-3-1, Summoning announcement: "Ha-Ha-Ha-Halloween!"
  • Jewel (ジュエル Jueru) Dial code: 1-0-6, Summoning announcement: "J-J-J-Jewel!"

  • 0gou (0号 Zerogō) Summoning announcement: Ten-chi-mu-you! (天地無用 Tenchimuyō, lit. "This side goes up!")
  • -1gou (-1号[マイナス1号] Mainasu Ichigō) Summoning announcement: Goku-aku-hi-dou! (極悪非道 Gokuaku hidō, lit. "Heinous and inhumane!")

  • Laser (レーザ Rēza) Summoning announcement: Den-kou-sek-ka! (電光石火 Denkō sekka, lit. "Flash of lightning!")
  • Blizzard (ブリザード Burizādo) Summoning announcement: Zet-tai-rei-do! (絶対零度 Zettaireido, lit. "Absolute zero!")
  • Rescue (レスキュー Resukyū) Summoning announcement: Kyuu-kyuu-kyuu-mei! (救急救命 Kyūkyū kyūmei, lit. "Emergency rescue!")

  • Super Sentai (スーパー戦隊 Sūpā Sentai)
  • Kamen Rider (仮面ライダー Kamen Raidā)
  • Kamen Rider BuildIcon-crosswiki.png (仮面ライダービルド Kamen Raidā Birudo)
  • Delicious (デリシャス Derishasu)
  • Festival (フェスティバル Fesutibaru)
  • Happy Birthday (ハッピーバースデー Happī Bāsudē)


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