This article is about a/an changer in Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger.

"Kaitou Change!"
―the Lupinranger's pre-transformation call[src]

"Keisatsu Change!"
―the Patranger's pre-transformation call[src]

The Double Transformation Gun VS Changer (ダブル変身銃VSチェンジャー Daburu Henshin Jū Bui Esu Chenjā) is the transformation device/standard issue firearm of the Lupinrangers and the Patrangers. A current total of six VS Changers exist as part of the Lupin Collection.


The Lupinrangers were the first to be granted VS Changers and transform, having individually received them from Kogure, who intended for them to reclaim the Lupin Collection on behalf of his master while motivated by the chance to restore their loved ones. Number 2: International Police, Chase After Them

One year later, they were followed by the Patrangers, whom were granted their set, which had been delivered to the Japanese branch of GSPO, by Commander Hilltop to fight the Ganglers. Upon witnessing the Patrangers' VS Changers, the Lupinrangers were bewildered as to how they could have pieces of the Lupin Collection as well. Number 1: The Troublemaking Phantom Thieves


"(color name)! (3-number code)! Masqueraise! (twist) Kaitou Change! (firing sfx- jazz) Lupinranger~!"
―VS Changer transformation announcement for the Lupinrangers[src]

"Challenger! Rise! (twist) Change! (firing sfx- dramatic music) New Challenger!"
―VS Changer transformation announcement for Lupin X[src]

"VictoryStriker! 1-1-1! Miracle Masqueraise! (twist) Super Kaitou Change! (firing sfx- upbeat jazz) Lupin~ranger.[1]"
―VS Changer power-up transformation announcement[src]

VS Changer w/ Red Dial Fighter

To transform, a Lupinranger inserts a Dial Fighter making the Changer announce the Fighter's name, turns the dials on the Dial Fighter to its code, twists the grip to the left so that the Dial Fighter is on top, then pulls the trigger of the blaster to transform.

The codes for the personal Dial Fighters are:

  • Red: 0-1-0
  • Blue: 2-6-0
  • Yellow: 1-1-6
  • Black: 0-0-0[2]

"(Number)-gou! Patrize! (twist) Keisatsu Change! (firing sfx- dramatic action music) Patranger!"
―VS Changer transformation announcement for the Patrangers[src]

"Challenger! Rise! (twist) Change! (firing sfx- dramatic music) New Challenger!"
―VS Changer transformation announcement for Patren X[src]

"SirenStriker! Great Patrize! (twist) Chou Keisatsu Change! (firing sfx- synthetic drum and bass music with police sirens) Patranger!"
―VS Changer power-up transformation announcement[src]

VS Changer w/ Trigger Machine 1gou

To transform, a Patranger inserts a Trigger Machine making the Changer announce the name of the Machine, turns the grip to the right so that the Trigger Machine is underneath, then pulls the trigger of the Trigger Machine to transform.

The transformation takes their user's gender into consideration and equips a skirt for female users. If the user's gender is altered after transformed, their Ranger form would also be changed accordingly. Number 11: I Will Continue Shooting

Special Attack

"(Fighter name)! (3-number code)! Masqueraise! (twist) Kaitou Boost! (firing SFX-Aux. Dial Fighter's SFX)"
―attack standby announcement for the Lupinrangers[src]

To activate a special attack, a Lupinranger inserts an auxiliary Dial Fighter making the Changer announce its name, turns the dial on the Dial Fighter to its code, twists the grip to the left so that the Dial Fighter is on top, then pulls the trigger of the Changer to initiate the Kaitou Boost.

When initiating group finishers at a time, the backdrop of the Lupinrangers transforms into Russia or New York City at nighttime with urban lights with an enlarged full moon behind the Gangler.

The codes for each Dial Fighter are:

"(Machine name)! Patrize! (twist) Keisatsu Boost! (firing SFX-Aux. Trigger Machine's SFX)"
―attack standby announcement for the Patrangers[src]

To activate a special attack, a Patranger inserts an auxiliary Trigger Machine making the Changer announce its name, twists the grip to the right so that the Trigger Machine is underneath, and then pulls the trigger of the Trigger Machine to initiate the Keisatsu Boost.


"Get Set! Ready? Tobe, Tobe, Tobe! Go! (air horn with stuttering of Fighter name)!"
―Dial Fighter summoning announcement for the Lupinrangers[src]

"Ichi ni tsuite! Yōi? Hashire, Hashire, Hashire! Shutsudō~n! (Trigger Machine phrase-sound effect)!"
―Trigger Machine summoning announcement for the Patrangers[src]

To summon the Mecha, the teams turn their Dial Fighters and Trigger Machines to the left side then back to the top and or bottom, respectively, then pull the trigger. The announcement for the Dial Fighters are their names being stuttered alongside an air horn, while the Trigger Machines each have a specific phrase.

The phrases for each Trigger Machine are:

  • 1gou: "Gou-On-Baku-So!" (轟音爆走 Gō-on Bakusō, lit. "Thunderous Roar!")
  • 2gou: "Hyap-Patsu-Hyaku-Chuu!" (百発百中 Hyappatsuhyakuchū, lit. "100 Shots, 100 Hits!")
  • 3gou: "Ran-Geki-Ran-Da!" (乱撃乱打 Rangeki Randa, lit. "Raging Blows!")
  • GoodStriker: "Ichi-Geki-Hi-Shō!" (一撃必勝 Ichigeki Hishō, lit. "One Shot to Victory!")
  • 0gou: "Ten-Chi-Mu-You!" (天地無用 Tenchimuyō, lit. "Do Not Turn Upside Down!")[3][4]
  • -1gou: "Goku-Aku-Hi-Dou!" (極悪非道 Gokuaku Hidō, lit. "Atrocious and Inhuman!")[3][4]
  • Biker: "Juu-Ou-Mu-Jin!" (縦横無尽 Jūōmujin, lit. "Ride Fast and Free!")
  • Crane: "Shin-Shuku-Ji-Zai!" (伸縮自在 Shinshuku Jizai, lit. "Extract out, retract in!")
  • Drill: "It-Ten-Top-Pa!" (一点突破 Ittentoppa, lit. "Pierce Through One Point!")
  • X Train Thunder: "Ship-Puu-Jin-Rai!" (疾風迅雷 Shipūjinrai, lit. "Lightning Storm!")
  • Splash: "Geki-Ryuu-Rek-Ka!" (激流滅火 Gekiryū Rekka, lit. "Rushing flow douses flames!!")
  • SirenStriker: "Yuu-Mou-Ka-Kan!" (勇猛果敢 Yūmō Kakan, lit. "Daring and Resolute!")
  • Dog: "Mou-Ken-Chuu-I!" (猛犬注意 Mōken Chūi, lit. "Beware of the dog!")[3][4]
  • Flash: "Is-Sei-Fuu-Bi!" (一世風靡 Issefūbi, lit. "Idleness!")[3][4]
  • X Train Jail: "Shichi-Jitsu-Gou-Ken!" (質実剛健 Shichijitsugōken, lit. "Junior High Health!")[3][4]
  • Special: "Hyak-Ka-Ryou-Ran!" (百花繚乱 Hyakkaryōran, lit. "Many Flowers Blooming!")[3][4]
  • Laser: "Den-Kou-Sek-Ka!" (電光石火 Denkousekka, lit. "Lightning Speed!")[3][4]
  • Blizzard: "Zet-Tai-Rei-Do!" (絶対零度 Zettaireido, lit. "Sub-Zero!")[3][4]
  • Rescue: "Kyuu-Kyuu-Kyuu-Mei!" (救急救命 Kyūkyū Kyūmei, lit. "Emergency Medical Technician!")[3][4]

Finishing Strike

VS Changer w/ GoodStriker (Dial Fighter)

"GoodStriker! 3-2-1! (twist) Action!"
―finisher standby announcement for the Lupinrangers[src]

To activate a finishing strike, a Lupinranger inserts GoodStriker, turns its dial to the code 3-2-1, twists the grip to the left so that GoodStriker is on top (causing the Lupinranger to split into three clones; one with the VS Changer w/ Goodie, one with the Lupin Sword Sword form, the last with Lupin Sword Magic Hand form), then pulls the trigger of the blaster to initiate the Itadaki Strike, where the two clones fire energy halos while the main clone fires a charged blast with his/her VS Changer w/ GoodStriker.

VS Changer w/ GoodStriker (Trigger Machine)

"GoodStriker! 1gou! 2gou! 3gou! (twist) Ichidanketsu!"
―finisher standby announcement for the Patrangers[src]

To activate a finishing strike, Patren 1gou inserts GoodStriker, twists the grip to the right so that GoodStriker is underneath (causing all three Patrangers to fuse into Patren Ugou), then pulls the trigger of GoodStriker to initiate the Ichigeki Strike, where Patren Ugou fires a supercharged golden blast of energy at the target to destroy him/her.


After summoning the Mecha, the Changers are inserted into the right-hand slot of the cockpit.

When initiating Giant Robo finishers, the Ranger pulls their Changer, aims it at the Gangler as it charges white energy, then fires. Number 2: International Police, Chase After Them


  • Despite the in-show use of the VS Changer appearing to simplify which side to place the respective teams' collectible, the toy version has an actual reason:
    • Most of the Dial Fighters' molding prevents the VS Changer from turning to the Patranger "setting".
      • Even though Scissors Dial Fighter can be turned to the Patranger "setting", it hinders the user to put their finger comfortably to pull the trigger.
    • The Trigger Machines are designed to have, literally, a trigger built into the back of the device to replace the actual trigger, so how to set it in the VS Changer is more easily understood.
      • The toy versions of SirenStriker and Trigger Machine Splash have them advised to be rotated to the Lupinranger setting, reflecting their main users in the show. They can, however, still be activated like standard Trigger Machines but the mentioned VS Vehicles lack the numbering on the right side of the vehicle when turned in Patranger setting.
    • Theoretically, Goodie and Jackpot could be turned to the Patranger setting in Dial Fighter mode, due to their molds working for both.
  • Due to lack of a trigger loop in the design of the VS Changer, it is actually impossible to rotate this gun with fingers in its standby setting as shown in the show where the Lupinrangers frequently does so before transforming or during a fight scene. A closer look reveal they use a different show prop, which has the trigger loop but lack the red release trigger on the back grip In those scenes.
  • The tone for the voice played in VS Changer is different when putting a VS Vehicle on the changer. For Trigger Machines, the tone of the voice played was more guttural and deeper compared to the higher and more suave-like voice for the Dial Fighters.
  • Both GoodStriker and Jackpot Striker, while possessing modes that work on both sides of the VS Changer, have designs that both represent the style of mecha of the team using it, and appear as an extension of the weapon mode of the device:
    • A heavily armored plane and projectile/grappling spike for the Lupinrangers.
    • A heavily armored riot vehicle and extended muzzle for the Patrangers.
  • The VS Changer's finishing style with GoodStriker matches methods used by thieves and cops.
    • Multiplying a Lupinranger (some thieves cooperate in their seperate plans).
    • Forming Patren Ugou (most cops work together as a squad).
  • VS Changers have aspects in design and function taken from past series:
    • They're used to both operate the controls of the Robo, and activate finishers.
    • The transformation trinkets become the Mecha through the Changers.
    • Can be used as a firearm without needing anything attached to it.
    • Interfacing with the Mecha requires no modifications.
    • Despite the simplicity of the mechanics, there are a variety of trinkets to expand its functions.
    • Not all trinkets are used to summon/transform.
  • The Shift CarsIcon-crosswiki.png, FullbottlesIcon-crosswiki.png and SclashjelliesIcon-crosswiki.png are all capable of fitting into the VS Changer (Due to their respective Drivers sharing a similar pin-reading system as the VS Changer), but do not incite any sounds.
  • The mechanism of the slot for the VS Vehicles and the act of putting one on is potentially based on the act cocking a pistol.



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