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Utakasane (ウタカサネ, Utakasane, 20): Utakasane is an Ayakashi armed with the Otomata Meikyōtō (音叉鳴響刀, Tuning Fork Echo Sword) who steals peoples' souls with his Soul Remove (魂離脱, Tamashii Ridatsu)and break up his body in his Hundred-Parts Separation (百体分離, Hyakutai Bunri) offense/defense combo. Acquiring a large number of 54 souls, including Kotoha's, Utakasane reveals the souless bodies have a day to live before falling back into the Sanzu River so that he wouldn't be destroyed before his mission is complete. However, Genta planted a Mojikara on Utakasane that not only forces him back to the mortal realm when Ebi Orgami is brought to life, but also to keep him from utilizing his Hundred-Parts Separation move. He is destroyed by the Shinkengers, Utakasane is destroyed by DaiKaiOh Higashi's Lobster Claw Professional Payback. The effects of his Soul Remove technique are the basis of the Uwan (うわん) of Japanese myth.


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