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Ushibaroque the Brawl (ウシバロック・ザ・ブロウ Ushibarokku za Burō) was a bull-themed Gangler Monster of the Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler and a member of the Raimon Gang, who is equipped with the "The heat is there/La chaleur est là" treasure from the Lupin Collection.

Physical Appearance

Ushibaroque the Brawl's face is a grey knight mask with orange cat ears, his hands are red and his orange arms has bull horns, his brown torso has red bullhorns, his chest has a Gangler safe with 2 bison horns and a bull nose at the bottom, his brown and red cowboy boots has white dinosuar bones at the sides, his overall appearance is like a cowboy.

Character History

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He is a very prideful chef, not tolerating anyone whose cooking is better than his.

Powers and Abilities

Ushibaroque the Brawl's human form

Ushibaroque the Brawl as a Big Mouth Man

  • Human Disguise: Like every Gangler Monster, Ushibaroque has the special ability to disguise himself as a Big Mouth Man to hunt for treasures.
  • Heat generation: Due to the "The heat is there/La chaleur est là" treasure equipped in his safe, he can generate heat from his body.


  • Height: 196cm (Giant: 49m)
  • Weight: 226 kg (Giant: 565 tons)
  • Criminal Record: kidnapping
  • Lupin Collection: "The heat is there/La chaleur est là" Ring
  • Gangler Safe Location: Chest
  • Password Number: 7-1-5

Behind the Scenes



  • Ushibaroque's name contains the Japanese word for "cow" ( Ushi).
    • His name also a play on Rokusaburo Michiba (道場六三郎 Michiba Rokusaburõ), a Japanese cuisine chef.


Ushibaroque the Brawl concept

concept art

  • Animal Theme: Bull
  • Possible Prehistoric Basis: Aurochs
  • Ushibaroque is the first member of the Gangler not to have their last name revealed.
    • He also the only one to have label with his name.
  • He is the only member of the Raimon Gang whose costume isn't modified from a previous Gangler.
  • Ushibaroque has a slightly similar facial appearance to Gyuki from Kamen Rider Decade.

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