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Basic weapons

Nearly every PR core team has some kind of gun-sword, a non-individualized weapon that can handle both melee and ranged attacks. They can have:

  • A gun that turns into a blade
  • A gun and a blade that combine to make a powered-up gun
  • A bladed weapon that can fire energy beams

The most notable exception is Jungle Fury, which is so melee-focused that they don't have pistols at all (though they do have a team cannon).

Honorable mention: PRiS has a gun that can split into two smaller guns, and that can also combine with each individual weapon to make "[Individual Weapon] Booster Mode".

Gokaiger had a gun and a sword that didn't combine, but they did the interesting thing where team members would swap weapons based on their style.

Weapon galleries

I'll collect images of canon weapons here to inspire my OCs.



Bows (not crossbows)


Long guns (that aren't combined weapons)

Team weapons

Cannon-like, combining:

Cannon-like, non-combining:

Cannon-like, non-combining but powered by collectibles:

Sword-like (combining):

Doesn't seem to have a team weapon:

  • Lost Galaxy
  • Mystic Force
  • Ninja Steel

Wrist morphers

Note that all morphers seems to have some kind of mechanical action, with the possible exception of the Chrono Morphers.

The types of motion are insert, hinge, button, spin, and slide-rotate.

Non-blue Rangers based on aquatic creatures

  • Go-On Green / Ranger Operator Series Green
  • Gosei Green
  • KyoryuViolet / Dino Charge Purple Ranger
  • Zyuoh Whale

Older Rangers

  • Tommy is called out for being old in Dino Thunder, but since he graduated high school in 1997 and Dino Thunder takes place in 2004, he's only in his mid-20s at that point.
  • Human Rangers who are older when they use their powers
    • Udonna, Leanbow, perhaps Daggeron
    • three Pai Zhua masters as Spirit Rangers
    • the veteran Rangers in the Legendary Battle (most notably Tommy)
    • Albert
    • Dane and Mick
  • It's impossible to be precise about this because there are so many characters we don't know the ages of. For example, Cam, RJ and Kendall might be a bit older than the others on their teams, but it's hard to say.
  • Aliens whose ages we don't know
    • Aquitian Rangers
    • Trey
    • Phantom Ranger
    • Andros and Zhane
    • the first Magna Defender
    • Cruger
      • But we know Kat Manx's age (147)
    • Tyzonn
    • Zenowing

Hyper Force suits

  • MMPR references
    • Diamonds on boots
    • Diamonds suggested by glove edges
    • Lightning-like jagged edge on torso
    • Color scheme, though genders have been switched around
    • Green sixth with gold chest plate and other gold accents
    • Animal helmets; they kept pink from getting too rounded
  • Time Force references
    • Triangular buckle
    • Arrows on shoulders
    • Morpher

Hyper Force firsts

  • East Asian Red Ranger
  • Female Black Ranger (concurrent with a character in the comics)
  • Female tech expert Ranger
    • We've had at least one female tech person (Hayley) and plenty of male tech Rangers
  • Ranger with a bigger build, even in the suit
  • Ram-themed Ranger
  • Pink-only Battlizer
  • Ranger using a Battlizer without a suit (android)
  • Sibling characters played by sibling actors (JDF, Pua Magasiva)

Black Rangers with purple energy



Other notes

  • There can be a purple Ranger on the team (PRJF, PRDC)
  • Hunter had purple in his cockpit
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