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  • I was born on February 28
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Wiriamu is a longtime Power Rangers fan, having grown up with the series all the way through Power Rangers Wild Force, coming back for Power Rangers Dino Thunder up through Power Rangers Mystic Force, and recently-through the magic of Netflix-becoming engaged in Ninja Storm and series following Mystic Force.

Power Rangers Favorites




  • Favorite Growing Ally: Either Ninjor or Sentinel Knight
  • Favorite Ranger-like Ally: Magna Defender or Wolf Warrior, with Solaris Knight as a close runner-up
  • Favorite Overall Ally: ...this is a tough call
    • Favorite Mighty Morphin-in Space Allies: Zordon and the Alphas
    • Favorite Lost Galaxy Ally: Commander Stanton
    • Favorite Lightspeed Ally: ...not sure
    • Favorite Time Force Ally: Captain Logan (I hate how he got sidelined by the Red Ranger who was supposed to be dead)
    • Favorite Wild Force Ally: Animus
    • Favorite Ninja Storm Ally: ...not sure
    • Favorite Dino Thunder Ally: Devin
    • Favorite S.P.D. Ally: Sergeant Silverback
    • Favorite Mystic Force Ally: Clare
    • Favorite Operation Overdrive Ally: Spencer
    • Favorite Jungle Fury Ally: Fran
    • Favorite RPM Ally: Dr. K
    • Favorite Samurai/Super Samurai Ally: ...haven't watched this one yet
    • Favorite Megaforce/Super Megaforce Ally: Robo Knight


  • Favorite Overall Villain:...this is actually a pretty tough call
    • Favorite Mighty Morphin Villain: Master Vile, followed by Rito Revolto with Goldar in third place
    • Favorite Zeo Villain:...not especially a fan of the Machine Empire, but I'd probably go with King Mondo
    • Favorite Turbo Villain: General Havoc-no question about it. Turbo is hands down my least favorite season thus far.
    • Favorite In Space Villain: Ecliptor, followed closely by the Psycho Rangers
    • Favorite Lost Galaxy Villain: toss-up between Deviot and Villamax (whom I like for different reasons), with an honorable mention design-wise to Barbarax
    • Favorite Lightspeed Rescue Villain: Diabolico and Olympius tie in a situation similar to Deviot and Villamax; didn't really care for any of the female villains in Lightspeed...or in most of the seasons for that matter
    • Favorite Time Force Villain: Frax in terms of story, but design-wise I loved Quarganon, even if he was a one-shot teamup villain
    • Favorite Wild Force Villain: Zen-Aku; I am also somewhat bummed by the fact that Retinax and the original Master Org didn't get much in the way of development or screen time
    • Favorite Ninja Storm Villain: Zurgane, with Vexacus and Motodrone as followups
    • Favorite Dino Thunder Villain: Zeltrax, though I did like Mesogog as well-he probably wins Favorite Power Rangers-exclusive villain.
    • Favorite S.P.D. Villain: Omni as the overall, but I enjoyed Morgana; honestly, I liked guys like Mirloc, Valko, and Devastation more than I like Gruumm.
    • Favorite Mystic Force Villain: Koragg tied with Octomus the Master, though I liked several of the Ten Terrors as well.
    • Favorite Operation Overdrive Villain: Kamdor and the Fearcats
    • Favorite Jungle Fury Villain: Whiger (though I would like to see the unseen Phantom Beast generals)
    • Favorite RPM Villain: General Shifter
    • Favorite Samurai/Super Samurai Villain: haven't seen the series yet.
    • Favorite Megaforce/Super Megaforce Villain: The Messenger, based on his awesome design

Other Interests

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra
  • Transformers
  • Doctor Who
  • Bionicle
  • Disney
  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • DC (characters, not comics)
  • Marvel (see above)
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