Here is my opinion on most things to do with power rangers.

top 5 seasons:

  1. Jungle Fury.
  2. RPM.
  3. Dino Thunder.
  4. Ninja Storm.
  5. Dino Charge/ Dino Supercharge.

worst season: Operation Overdrive.

best mentor: RJ (Jungle Fury)

best red ranger: Casey (Jungle Fury)

best blue ranger: Tori (Ninja Storm)

best yellow ranger: Lily (Jungle fury) and Gia  (megaforce/ super megaforce)

other rangers.

  • best green ranger: Tommy (mighty morphin')
  • best black ranger: Dillon (RPM)
  • best pink ranger: Emma (megaforce/ super megaforce)
  • best sixth ranger: Ivan (dino charge/ dino supercharge)
  • I also like megaforce and super megaforce and I might be the only person who does
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