Username: The Green Ranger
Real name: The Robert
Gender: sex=male/female
Year of birth: 1992 (~28 Jahre)
City: San Antonio, TX
Languages: English, Spanish
Seasons: Time Force
Villian: Ransik
Ranger: Blue Power Ranger/Quantum Ranger
Zord: Dragonzord, Wolf Ninjazord & Q-Rex

Hey. I'm an old Power Ranger fan, and since this an encyclopedia of every Power Ranger I figured why not help out. I watched every single season up to Wild Force (which is when I was about 10), but stopped short of Ninja Storm because Saban was sold/Fox Kids died. I'll make sure to help in any way I can; Especially on the Green Ranger articles (favorite ranger & color.)


Black Shogunzord

Time Force Ep. List

  1. Force From The Future, Pt. 1
  2. Force From The Future, Pt. 2
  3. Something To Fight For
  4. Ransik Lives
  5. A Blue Streak
  6. A Parting Of Ways
  7. Short-Circuited
  8. Jen's Revenge
  9. The Legend Of The Clock Tower
  10. The Time Shadow
  11. Future Unknown
  12. Uniquely Trip
  13. Worlds Apart
  14. The Quantum Quest
  15. Clash For Control, Part 1
  16. Clash For Control, Part 2
  17. Bodyguard In Blue
  18. Trust And Triumph
  19. Trip Takes A Stand
  20. Quantum Secrets
  21. The Last Race
  22. Lovestruck Rangers
  23. Full Exposure
  24. Movie Madness, Pt. 1
  25. Movie Madness, Pt. 2
  26. Time Force Traitor
  27. Frax's Fury
  28. Dawn Of Destiny
  29. Fight Against Fate
  30. Destiny Defeated
  31. Undercover Rangers
  32. Beware The Knight
  33. Time For Lightspeed
  34. Reflections Of Evil
  35. Nadira's Dream Date
  36. Circuit Unsure
  37. A Calm Before The Storm
  38. The End Of Time, Pt. 1
  39. The End Of Time, Pt. 2
  40. The End Of Time, Pt. 3

To-Do List

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