Hello everyone! Welcome to my Sandbox of Gokai Changes; now divided into two parts. Similarly to my Sandbox of Ranger Key Summons and Legendary Ranger Modes, I am also interested of what Gokai Changes used in future crossovers.


  • These are only my experimental lists of Gokai Changes, these changes don't appear on Gokaiger itself and other crossovers, films, and therefore consider this UNOFFICIAL. In addition, ever seen the Giant Robo Gokai Change from Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger, it will be added here. As this is obviously a Sandbox, use your imagination to form a great team to cross with other Super Sentai teams and to fight some villains.
  • Whatever entry you want to edit, make use of the two subpages of the sandbox, divided by pages 1 and 2.

Rules and Guidelines for Gokai Change

  1. Whenever possible, use the Gokaigers' counterparts.
  2. It is now possible to include Rangers who don't have Ranger Keys in the TV show (i.e., DekaBrightX-1 Mask, OR Gosei Green) including the Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters  here due to the fact of the recent release of the Lost Edition of Ranger Keys (see Thread:89544). However, Akibaranger remains an exception in the sandbox.
  3. At the same time do not include any of the Deboth Army in the Gokai Changes, as well as Deathryuger. Regarding the latter, use Kyoryu Navy instead as the aforementioned Ranger's power is later used for good.
  4. This Sandbox of Gokai Changes is also exclusive after the events of Gokaiger. Therefore, the post-Gokaiger teams are officially included in this Sandbox. However, Sentai teams starting Zyuohger and beyond will no longer be accepted.
  5. As stated in rule #4, while Go-Busters to Ninninger are included. However, from here on out, the sandbox will no longer include upcoming Sentai teams in the future.
  6. In a single color Gokai Changes, if in any case should you use the ToQgers, you are also free to apply Transfer Changes if possible, especially if two colored Changes. Yes, you can alternately use any of the ToQgers to have the Gokaigers change into regardless of the counterparts.
  7. In a Super Ranger Gokai Change, if you want to use Kyoryu Red Carnival's Biting Changes, indicate the said Biting Change (i.e., Samba, Western, Macho, Kung Fu).
  8. When it comes to the Extra Kyoryugers, you must be specific of who is indicated (e.g., for Kyoryu Red, it should be linked to either Daigo Kiryu or Dai-kun), because they have their own successors later episodes of the said series - be it the Spirit Kyoryugers or their successors. Whenever you want to use the female Kyoryu Violet, do not include "female version" due to Yayoi being the recurring Violet of the series, do include the "male version" if used on the male Gokaigers. For Kyoryu Cyan, you can add the "female version" due to Yuko have transformed very late in the series.
  9. Please include a statement below each change to describe what it is, or the theme used.
  10. In a Giant Robo Gokai Change, you are free to include Main and Secondary mechas, as well multiple-piece combinations (whereas exceeding only to nine to twelve combinations).
  11. Do not copy and paste from the list of Gokai Changes from one of our admins' Sandbox, as it is considered plagiarism. If done so, it will be reverted by the owner of this sandbox. If a user violates this rule, they will recieve a warning from the owner of this sandbox, and a second time will result in being reported to the admins of RangerWiki.
  12. Use your imagination! Enjoy.


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