About me

I'm a jack of many areas of knowledge and fandoms, master of none. Mostly active in the brony fandom, but I dabble in others every now and then. My tumblr and DA usually has stuff from lots of different sources.

You can find my DA at and you can find my tumblr and links to my other tumblrs at

I also have a review show now on dailymotion(because youtube's content ID system sucks): starting with a review of the infamous episode Trouble By The Slice, though it's not exclusively ranger content.

You can find my youtube here:

I haven't made much ranger-related stuff but I am now able to do so with MikuMikuDance, big thanks to ZeltraxMillennium/Zeltrax987 for rigging the models.

I created the Blue Mach Force Ranger on second life, though the template I used to make it are no longer for sale, and I won't tell you where I found them, lest you be a corporate spy from Toei, bandai already made the place unable to use power rangers terminology so I'm not allowed to show anyone to it.

I have high functioning autism, and I hate when people who clearly don't even know what the word means use the word autism as an insult.

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