Username: Mariescott
Real name: Heather
Gender: female
Year of birth: 1979 (~41 Jahre)
City: Palm Beach Gardens, Fl
Job: Library Assisstant
Languages: en
Seasons: Time Force
Villian: Lord Zedd
Ranger: Billy
Zord: none

I have been a fan since it first debuted on Fox Kids. For the most part the programming was cartoons. It was really one of the first shows for kids that was live action. I was 14 when it started, I had just started high school, and here was a show that had teenagers in it. It came on in the afternoons so I could watch it after I got home from school. It showed that a group of diverse people could be friends. Going to a school that was very much made up of cliques I thought it was great that they had kids who were above that and could get along and benefit from their differences. That was one of the things that kept me watching.

It was also a way to kind of escape for a half an hour into a world where the bad guys always lose and the good guys always win. I think I would have kept watching it faithfully but after I graduated from high school, went to college and got a job it didn't seem like a priority any more. Also I kind of lost interest part way through In Space, but I am glad I accidentally came across PR again during DT. It was nostalgic to go back and watch the episodes I had seen when it was first on. I believe it is a great show to watch instead of some of the shows they have on now like CSI and Law and Order. In a half hour, twenty minutes without comercials, they find the bad guys, get rid of them without bloodshed and get a good message out to kids.

I am also on several Power Ranger forums such as Ranger Board, Ranger Talk, Star Points Ranger Cast and Power Ranger Empire. I have seen every season, some of them many times. I am on my fourth go around starting with MMPR and I am currently watching Dino Thunder. I have only seen Jungle Fury once since it started after I had gotten through the second time watching Operation Overdrive.

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