aka Lydia

  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is Intern/Aspiring Writer/Editor
  • I am Female
I'm a college student I'm working towards a bachelor in English, and I also work at my college library part time. A huge bookworm, artist, an aspiring novelist & scriptwriter. I love horses, animals, horseback riding, books, fantasy, mythology, and other things. The only thing I won't watch is horror or overly romanticized garbage. I like a story with a well thought out plot, character development,
and heart.
Blue Mystic Ranger

My favorite female ranger of all time is Madison Rocca mainly because we have a lot in common personality wise, and where our passions lie. Second favorite would be Kimberly Hart. My all time favorite male ranger is Tommy Oliver. With the second being either Casey Rhodes or Adam Park. But I like almost every power ranger I've seen in the series. They all have their special qualities they contribute.

I've been a fan of Power Rangers for a number of years. I've enjoyed every season some are better then others but all of them have their good points. My favorite of all time will always be Mighty Morphin there's just something about it that none of the other seasons have ever been able to replicate. I've seen some of Super Sentai mainly newer seasons I have a soft spot for Abaranger and it's counterpart. The way I see the shows is they are 

two different stories, and worlds. I don't connect them nor criticize their differences I find
MMPR Pink Ranger
them both enjoyable.

According to my friends if I was a ranger I'd be most likely Pink but at the same time they say I could be Blue. I'm told my heart is like a Pink Ranger, but my mind is that of a Blue Ranger.

Anywho all this Ranger Fan wants is to help make this site the best place to find Ranger/Sentai content that it can be.

My Favorite PR Seasons

Despite liking them all there are some that stand out above the rest for me.

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