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  • I live in Malaysia
  • I was born on May 24
  • I am Male

Hey all! I'm JuddA3 but for usernames nowadays I tend to pick something among the lines of "DerpyPoint". I was thinking of an English style name for myself, such as Judd before I decided none suits me well. Not an avid fan of Judd Lynn but I appreciate his work with Dino Charge.


My first encounter with Power Rangers was with Wild Force way back in 2004, which my babysitter introduced while lazing around the TV. My kindergarten and primary school played DVDs of it where I saw the Animus arc and the finale respectively. The channel also aired Ninja Storm not long after and my cousin, a hardcore PR/Sentai fan at that time showed me S.P.D. and Dino Thunder (the time where the Rangers were drawn into a comic book stuck the most to me). When a close classmate of mine talked about Mystic Force, I binged the first ten episodes or so on then Content ID-less YouTube and to my surprise, (early 2008) I found a whole older, franchise PR is based on: Super Sentai!

There was a point I lost focus of both series when I was hooked to other cartoon channels and their shows, but the announcement of Gokaiger brought me back and due to its premise I got to know bits and pieces of other Sentai series throughout the years. Thanks to it, I got myself to watch all episodes of Go-Busters as well and brought myself back as an on-and-off fan. Right now, I'm looking forward to Ninninger as it reaches its conclusion and Dino Supercharge, both coming 2016.


  • Fill in Dekarangers' bios with 10 Years After events
    • Ban
    • Hoji
    • Sen
    • Jasmine
    • Umeko
    • Tetsu
    • Doggie
    • Swan
  • Fill in Hurricanegers' bios with 10 Years After events
    • Yousuke
    • Nanami
    • Kouta
    • Ikkou
    • Isshuu
  • Replace Tetsu's 10 Years After image with "in-special" edition.

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  • Morphin Legacy
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  • Voat (v/Tokusatsu, v/SuperSentai and v/PowerRangers need your love!)
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