aka Sean

  • I live in Aylesbury
  • I am Male

Hi Guys! My name is Sean and I got into Power Rangers in 2014 when Dino Charge was airing on Pop. I then found ranger wiki but only recently joined. I immediately fell in love with Heckyl and he Is my favourite Dino Super Charge Character (I still wish he became the talon ranger, though!). After Dino Charge & Dino SuperCharge, I started watching Megaforce and Vrak became my favourite character. I love his voice and appearance. Prince Vekar is also one of my fave villains because of his personality. I love Ninja Steel And Super Ninja Steel, especially Odius. She is so awesome. I recently got into Samurai and have watched that. Serrator is my favourite villain because of his schemes, plans, and I just love his menace and his voice.

My favorite pages

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