X with the Ninja Rangers of Power Rangers Ninja Steel

X with Walter Jones, Black Ranger of Mighty Morphin

X with Dacre Montgomery, Red Ranger of Power Rangers 2017

X with Carla Perez, Rita Repulsa

X with Kenya Satou, Red Turbo of Turboranger, Ei Hamura, TenmaRanger of Dairanger, Michiko Makino, Pink5 of Bioman, Ryosuke Kaizu, Red Mask of Maskman, Kei Shindachiya FiveBlue of Fiveman, and Toshihide Wakamatsu BlackCondor of Jetman

X as White Ranger in Asia Pop Comic Con 2016

X's Ranger Keys

X's collection on display

X's collection on display

X's collection on display

X's collection on display

X's collection on display


Hi. I'm X. I'm one of the admins of RangerWiki and Tokuhub. I was formerly know as Dchallofjustice over Wikia and Fandom but got the name change in September 2018 to better reflect my two main fandoms, the Hall of Justice for DC and the Hall of Legends for Power Rangers.

Mostly I organize pages, create and affix templates to make visits easier and monitor the quality of images. Other than that, the usual admin duties, of course.

Contact me if you need help with anything. :)

PR Wiki Job History

This list does not include group vote decisions. It serves as a summary of the Admin Noticeboard and User Talk pages.

  • Rollback (July 2008) by Serpen
  • Sysop Admin (July 2009) by Serpen
  • Admin (reinstated after hiatus) (December 2011) by Digi
  • Instated Admin Noticeboard (Jan 2012)
  • Instated Front Page (Jan 2012)
  • Sysop Admin (Jan 2012) by Digi
  • Added Rollerbackers MrSmartyMax and MrThermomanPreacher (Jan 2012)
  • Instated Style Guide (Feb 2012)
  • Instated Badges (Feb 2012)
  • Added Rollerbackers StrangerAtaru and GregCasella (June 2012)
  • 10th year anniversary (July 2016)
  • Name change to Guardianofthehall (Sep 2018)

Me and Power Rangers/Super Sentai

  • I don't necessarily believe a Sentai series is better than its counterpart by virtue of being original. It all depends.
  • When I was a kid I was a major fan of Bioman and Maskman. I ignored Jetman and Fiveman.
  • When I first saw Power Rangers toys I thought the franchise was a cartoon, due to the box art.
  • I watched Mighty Morphin til Zeo when I was a kid. Got back to PR beginning Power Rangers Ninja Storm.
  • I started with Sentai once again with Magiranger and watched religiously since.
  • I did manage to backtrack with Power Rangers by watching all of the series I missed minus Turbo, In Space and Lost Galaxy, save for key episodes.


  • Favorite Sentai Season: Boukenger/Gekiranger
  • Favorite Power Rangers Season: RPM
  • Favorite Transformation: Timeranger
  • Favorite Morph: SPD
  • Favorite Sentai Opening Theme: Timeranger
  • Favorite PR Opening Theme: Zeo
  • Favorite Zords/Mecha: Mystic Force/Magiranger
  • Favorite Megazord: Dragonzord Battle Mode
  • Favorite Ultrazord: RPM Ultrazord.
  • Favorite Ranger: Jason Lee Scott (persona)/White Ranger (designation); Jan Kandou (persona)
  • Favorite Sentai Ending Theme: Go-Onger (all four)
  • Favorite Sidearms: Ichigan Buster/Sougan Blade
  • Favorite OP credits: Dekaranger, SPD
  • Favorite Color Combo: Gekiranger/Jungle Fury


I own the following Power Rangers toys

Don't I wish...

What was once thought to be an upcoming Mega Bloks "Dark" Blue Samurai Ranger. Turns out they're making a clear one. (artist rendition. do not use in articles)

Based on production art for Mega Bloks and Bandai "Stealth" Red Ranger. Later it was changed to a maroon color. (artist rendition. do not use in articles)

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