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Hey everyone, here's my custom signature. Nothing special, really, just a simple playaround with tables. If you would like a custom signature like this, then here's a guide on how to do so:

  1. First, access source editor on this page. Copy everything in this page.
  2. Create a new page named "User:(insert your username here)/SigReal" and paste the code onto the page.
  3. Change the background-color to one of your own preference.
  4. The File:Wiki-wordmark.png will display as the wiki's wordmark, so there is no need to change that.
  5. Change my username to yours in the links to the userpage and user talk page. For the link to the userpage, don't forget to change the username after the pipe trick as well. You can customize the text colour if you want to too.
  6. Replace the w:c: wiki links with links to your most visited wikis. For example, if you frequently visit the Hitler Parody Wiki, then put in [[w:c:hitlerparody|'''HPW''']]. You can also customise the link colours as well using the <font> tag after the pipe trick.
  7. After you're done editing the SigReal page, publish it and create a new page named "User:(insert your username here)/Sig". Copy the code from User:Gokyr586/Sig and paste it onto your own Sig subpage. Publish that page.
  8. Now go to your Special:Preferences page. Under the custom signature section, check the box "I want to use wikitext in my signature". Paste the following code into the text field and replace my username with yours:
{{SUBST:#ifexist:User:Gokyr586/SigReal|{{subst:User:Gokyr586/Sig|{{SUBST:#time: H:i,n/j/Y}} '''UTC'''}}|'''''[[User:Gokyr586|Gokyr586]] ([[User_talk:Gokyr586|talk]])'''''}}
  1. The way this works is this: the #ifexist subst checks if the SigReal user subpage exists. If it does, then the custom signature will work. If it doesn't, then it will display a normal plain signature; mine here as an example:

Gokyr586 (talk)

  1. If you want the timestamp to reflect your current timezone, insert a pipe trick after n/j/Y and put in + (insert number) hours or - (insert number) hours depending on what your current timezone is. Also, replace UTC with the appropriate time zone abbreviation. For a full list of time zone abbreviations, see wikipedia:List of time zone abbrevations. For example, if my timezone is Singapore Standard Time (SST/GMT+8), then I put in + 8 hours and SST respectively.
  2. Save your preferences. From then on, whenever you wish to input your signature, use 3 tildes (~) instead of 4. Your custom signature will appear if there are no problems. If you encounter an issue, please contact me for any assistance.

Credits: This custom signature template was created by Gokyr586.

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