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Avengers, Rangers, and Megazords Assemble!!!!!!

Among my projects that I wish to bring to life one day is "Marvel VS Super Sentai", which would later evolve into an expansion called "Marvel VS Toei Tokuverse".

My Original Characters

  • Iron Majin - Tony Stark, formerly a founding member of the Avengers, is now an evil tyrant who seized control of Earth-199999, and conspires with Lord Drakkon to exterminate all superheroes.
  • Shin Seigi - A Japanese American man who becomes the next Captain America, spearheading the effort to unite the Avengers and Super Sentai so they can defeat Iron Majin
  • Ayane Kudamono - A Sentai fan girl who idolizes the Ninningers, and wishes to fight with them as Mura Ninger.

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