Morph-X Keys

These are some edited images from the not show accurate toyline Morph-X Keys I made:

  • The Red Morph-X Key allows Devon Daniels to transform into Beast Morphers Red.
  • The Blue Morph-X Key allows Ravi Shaw to transform into Beast Morphers Blue.
  • The Yellow Morph-X Key allows Zoey Reeves to transform into Beast Morphers Yellow.
  • The Gold Morph-X Key allows Nate Silva to transform into Beast Morphers Gold.
  • The Silver Morph-X Key allows Steel to transform into Beast Morphers Silver.
  • The Red Fury Morph-X Key allows Beast Morphers Red to power-up to his Red Fury Mode.
  • The Cruise Morph-X Key allows Beast Morphers Red to transform into his Beast-X Mode.
  • The Smash Morph-X Key allows Beast Morphers Blue to transform into his Beast-X Mode.
  • The Jax Morph-X Key allows Beast Morphers Yellow to transform into her Beast-X Mode.
  • The Blaze Morph-X Key allows Blaze (cybervillain) to transform into Cybervillain Blaze as an Avatar.
  • The Roxy Morph-X Key allows Roxy (cybervillain) to transform into Cybervillain Roxy as an Avatar.
  • The Robo-Blaze Morph-X Key allows Blaze (cybervillain) to transform into Cybervillain Robo-Blaze.
  • The Robo-Roxy Morph-X Key allows Roxy (cybervillain) to transform into Cybervillain Robo-Roxy.
  • The Beast-X King Morph-X Key allows the Rangers to summon the Beast-X King Zord.
  • The Robotron Creation Morph-X Key was created by Scrozzle to transform objects into Robotrons with the Evox Virus.
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