aka David

  • I live in uk
  • I was born on May 6
  • I am male
IS - Astro Rangers

Power Ranger In Space

  • I want to be the next Tommy Oliver!!!! :)
  • One of the UK's biggest Ranger fans.
  • I've been watching since day one or should I say "Day of the Dumpster!" lol
  • My favorite rangers are Tommy Oliver and Adam Park and my fave allies are Alpha 5 and Bulk and Skull and Spike.
  • My fave Series' are In Space & RPM
  • If RPM is the end of the Power Rangers then that sucks!!!!!!!!!!
  • MMPR back in 2010 (2011 UK) is morphinomanal!
  • Yes Saban has got back the rights to the Power Rangers prodution. Series 18 here we come!!!!!!
  • Samurai looks good sofar can't wait for it hit the uk. Loving that Bulk is back and with Skull's son Spike. Loving the remix of the morphin' theme which hasn't been done since Zeo.
  • What I want to see in Mega Force is the series being set back in Angel Grove, Bulk and Spike to return, Gosei and Tensou in a Command Centre like Zordon and Alpha 5 and Skull to appear. Also obviously some ex rangers.
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