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I am a born-again Christian who has been a fan of Power Rangers since the Lizzinator episode from MMPR season 1.

Rangers on Facebook

I'm now friends with following actors/actresses from Power Rangers on facebook.

  • Alison MacInnis (Dana Mitchell from Lightspeed Rescue)
  • Alycia Purrott (Sydney "Syd" Drew from SPD)
  • Ann Marie Crouch (Princess Shayla from Wild Force)
  • Barbara Goodson (Rita Repulsa's voice in MMPR to in Space)
  • Billy Forester (Freezer Org from Wild Force/Flabber from Beetleborgs)
  • Blake Foster (Justin Stewart from Turbo)
  • Brad Orchard (Hydro Hog from MMAR)
  • Brittany Anne Pirtle (Emily from Samurai)
  • Catherine Sutherland (Katherine "Kat" Hillard from MMPR to Turbo)
  • Christopher Cho (Dark Spector from in Space/Nukus from Beetleborgs)
  • Deborah Estelle Philips (Katie from Time Force)
  • Eddie Frierson (Frax from Time Force)
  • Emma Lahana (Kira Ford from Dino Thunder)
  • Firass Dirani (Nick Bowen Russell from Mystic Force)
  • Jason Chan (Cameron "Cam" Watanabe from Ninja Storm)
  • Jason Faunt (Wesley "Wes" Collins from Time Force)
  • Jason Narvy (Skull from MMPR to in Space)
  • Jeffrey Parazzo (Trent Fernandez Mercer from Dino Thunder)
  • Jessica Rey (Alyssa Enrile from Wild Force)
  • Johnny Yong Bosch (Adam Park from MMPR to Turbo)
  • Justin Nimmo (Zhane from in Space)
  • Karan Ashley (Aisha Campbell from MMPR)
  • Kevin Duhaney (Ethan James from Dino Thunder)
  • Kim Strauss (Ninjor from MMPR, Scorpius from Lost Galaxy and Jinxer from Lightspeed Rescue)
  • Kirk Thornton (various monsters from MMPR to Wild Force)
  • Lex Lang (Rygog from Turbo, Ecliptor from in Space, Zen-Aku from Wild Force)
  • Matt Austin (Bridge Carson from SPD)
  • Melanie Vallejo (Madison Rocca from Mystic Force)
  • Melody Perkins (Karone/Astronema from In Space to Lost Galaxy)
  • Nakia Burrise (Tanya Sloan in Zeo to Turbo)
  • Neil Kaplan (Diabolico from Lightspeed Rescue, Gluto from Time Force)
  • Nic Sampson (Charlie "Chip" Thorn from Mystic Force, Sentinel Knight from Operation Overdrive)
  • Paul Schrier (Bulk from MMPR to Lost Galaxy and Samurai)
  • Peggy O'Neal (Wedding Dress Org from Wild Force)
  • Rajia B (Delphine from MMAR to Zeo, Hexuba from Lost Galaxy)
  • Richard Epcar (Barbarax from Lost Galaxy, and various others from MMPR to Wild Force)
  • Richy Brancatisano (Xander Bly from Mystic Force)
  • Robert Axelrod (Lord Zedd and Finster from MMPR to in Space)
  • Roger Velasco (Carlos from Turbo to in Space)
  • Ron Rogge (Captain William Mitchell from Lightspeed Rescue)
  • Ron Wasserman
  • Sally Martin (Tori Hansen from Ninja Storm)
  • Sarah Thomson (Fran from Jungle Fury)
  • Sean Cw. Johnson (Carter Grayson from Lightspeed Rescue)
  • Selwyn Ward (Theodore Jay Jarvis "TJ" Johnson from Turbo to in Space)
  • Steven Skyler (Antonio Garcia from Samurai)
  • Tom Wyner (Master Vile from MMPR, General Havoc from Turbo, Furio from Lost Galaxy, and various others from MMPR to Wild Force)
  • Tracy Lynn Cruz (Ashley Hammond from Turbo to in Space)
  • Vernon Wells (Ransik from Time Force)

My idea for a Power Rangers adaptation to Goseiger

I feel that Goseiger will be a suitable candidate for the Power Rangers' 20th anniversary season for 2013 - Power Rangers Megaforce. The angel theme from Goseiger can easily be toned down to be video/card game themed with some aspects from Gokaiger added to the mix.

Great Power Ranger Legend War

I imagine the Great Legend War for Power Rangers happening like this -

The Samurai Rangers (Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Mike, Emily and Antonio) are fighting the enemy for the 20th anniversary season, but are having difficulty taking them down. Suddenly Jason Lee Scott - the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger - appears to the Samurai team. Next comes Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Oliver as the Mighty Morphin White Ranger. Other warriors appear - such as the Blue Senturion, Mike Corbett - Magna Defender, Supreme Commander Anubis "Doggie" Cruger - SPD Shadow Ranger, Dr. Katherine "Kat" Manx - SPD Kat Ranger, SPD Nova Ranger (possibly), Udonna - White Mystic Ranger (Udonna will most likely be seen in Ranger form most of the time since her actress has died), Leanbow - Wolf Warrior, the Spirit Rangers (possibly), Jarrod - Black Lion Warrior, Camille - Chameleon Warrior, the female Red Samurai Ranger, and possibly the Phantom Ranger.

As for how Tommy can be part of the other teams he was part of, he could be have been taught by Ninjor and/or Master Mao to make copies of himself with his past powers - one with his Dragonzord powers, one with his Zeo powers, and the last one with his Dino Gem powers.

Joining Jason, Tommy and the Samurai Rangers are the other veteran Ranger teams - Mighty Morphin (Zack Taylor - Mighty Morphin Black Ranger, Billy Cranston - Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger, Aisha Campbell (possibly taking Trini Kwan's place since like Thuy Trang, she's most likely dead) - Mighty Morphin Yellow Ranger, Kimberly Ann Hart - Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger, and the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger); Alien Rangers (Aurico - Red Alien Ranger, Delphine - White Alien Ranger, Cestro - Blue Alien Ranger, Tideus - Yellow Alien Ranger and Corcus - Black Alien Ranger); Zeo (Katherine "Kat" Hillard - Zeo Ranger I Pink, Tanya Sloan - Zeo Ranger II Yellow, Rocky DeSantos - Zeo Ranger III Blue, Adam Park - Zeo Ranger IV Green, Zeo Ranger V Red, and Trey of Triforia - Gold Zeo Ranger); Turbo (Robo TJ - Red Turbo Ranger; Justin Stewart - Blue Turbo Ranger, Robo Carlos - Green Turbo Ranger, Robo Ashley - Yellow Turbo Ranger, and Cassie Chan - Pink Turbo Ranger); Space (Andros - Red Space Ranger, Carlos Vallerte - Black Turbo Ranger, Theodore Jay Jarvis "TJ" Johnson - Blue Space Ranger, Ashley Hammond - Yellow Space Ranger, Karone (Karone gladly takes Cassie's place on the Space team while Cassie retakes her place on the Turbo team) - Pink Space Ranger, and Zhane - Silver Space Ranger); Lost Galaxy (Leo Corbett - Red Galaxy Ranger, Damon Henderson - Green Galaxy Ranger, Kai Chen - Blue Galaxy Ranger, Maya - Yellow Galaxy Ranger, Kendrix Morgan - Pink Galaxy Ranger); Lightspeed Rescue (Carter Grayson - Red Lightspeed Ranger, Chad Lee - Blue Lightspeed Ranger, Joel Rawlings - Green Lightspeed Ranger, Kelsey Winslow - Yellow Lightspeed Ranger, Dana Mitchell - Pink Lightspeed Ranger, and Ryan Mitchell - Titanium Ranger); Time Force (Wesley "Wes" Collins - Red Time Force Ranger, Jennifer "Jen" Scotts - Pink Time Force Ranger, Lucas Kendall - Blue Time Force Ranger, Katie Walker - Yellow Time Force Ranger, Trip - Green Time Force Ranger, and Eric Myers - Quantum Ranger); Wild Force (Cole Evans - Red Wild Force Ranger, Taylor Earhardt - Yellow Wild Force Ranger, Max Cooper - Blue Wild Force Ranger, Danny Delgado - Black Wild Force Ranger, Alyssa Enrile - White Wild Force Ranger, and Merrick Baliton - Lunar Wolf Ranger); Ninja Storm (Shane Clarke - Red Wind Ranger, Tori Hanson - Blue Wind Ranger, Waldo "Dustin" Brooks - Yellow Wind Ranger, Hunter Bradley - Crimson Thunder Ranger, Blake Bradley - Navy Thunder Ranger, Cameron "Cam" Watanabe - Green Ninja Samurai Ranger); Dino Thunder (Conner McKnight - Red Dino Ranger, Ethan James - Blue Dino Ranger, Kira Ford - Yellow Dino Ranger, Black Dino Ranger, Trent Fernandez Mercer - White Dino Ranger); SPD (Jack Landors retaking his place temporarily) - SPD Red Ranger, Sky Tate - SPD Blue Ranger, Bridge Carson - SPD Green Ranger, Elizabeth "Z" Delgado - SPD Yellow Ranger, Sydney "Syd" Drew - SPD Pink Ranger, and Sam - SPD Omega Ranger); Mystic Force (Nick Bowen Russell - Red Mystic Ranger, Charlie "Chip" Thorn - Yellow Mystic Ranger, Madison Rocca - Blue Mystic Ranger, Vida Rocca - Pink Mystic Ranger, Xander Bly - Green Mystic Ranger, and Daggeron - Solaris Knight); Operation Overdrive (Mackenzie "Mack" Hartford - Red Overdrive Ranger, Will Aton - Black Overdrive Ranger, Dax Lo - Blue Overdrive Ranger, Ronny Robinson - Yellow Overdrive Ranger, Rose Ortiz - Pink Overdrive Ranger, Tyzonn - Mercury Ranger); Jungle Fury (Casey Rhodes - Jungle Fury Red Ranger, Lily Chilman - Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger, Theo Martin - Jungle Fury Blue Ranger, R.J. - Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger, Dominic Hargan - Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger); and RPM from the alternate dimension (Scott Truman - RPM Ranger Operator Series Red, Flynn McAllistair - RPM Ranger Operator Series Blue, Summer Landsdown - RPM Ranger Operator Series Yellow, Ziggy Grover - RPM Ranger Operator Series Green, Dillon - RPM Ranger Operator Series Black, Gem - RPM Ranger Operator Series Gold, and Gemma - RPM Ranger Operator Series Silver).

Power Rangers Megaforce

After showing the "Great Legend War", we are now introduced to this seasons new team of Power Rangers.

  • Red Megaforce Ranger (GoseiRed): Team leader.
  • Pink Megaforce Ranger (GoseiPink): Possible love interest of the Red Ranger.
  • Black Megaforce Ranger (GoseiBlack)
  • Yellow Megaforce Ranger (GoseiYellow)
  • Blue Megaforce Ranger (GoseiBlue)
  • Silver Knight (GoseiKnight): The sixth ranger of the team, whose true form is that of his Zord form.

Their power comes from special cards that enable them to do favors things, as well as temporarily use the power of the Rangers who came before them. Their equipment are as follows -

  •  ? (Super Tensword): Combination of the Rangers' morphers and "Tenswords".
  •  ? (Gosei Blaster): The Rangers' sidearms.
  •  ? (Gosei Buster): Combination of the Rangers' signature weapons.
    •  ? (Sky Buster): Combination of the Red and Pink Ranger's weapons.
      • Dragon Tail Blade (Skick Sword): The Red Ranger's weapon
      • Phoenix Feather Shot (Skick Shot): The Pink Ranger's weapon.
    •  ? (Landsea Buster): Combination of the Black, Yellow and Blue Ranger's weapons.
      • Python Fang Axe (Landick Ax): The Black Ranger's weapon.
      • Tiger Claw Slasher (Landick Claw): The Yellow Ranger's weapon.
      • Shark Fin Crossbow (Seaick Bowgun): The Blue Ranger's weapon.
  •  ? (Dynamic Leon Laser): Combination of the Silver Knight's morpher and weapon.
  • Gold Mode: Power-up originally from Gokaiger, used by the Silver Knight in the Power Rangers' universe. Has the masks of the following Sixth Rangers that preceded Silver Knight, these being - MMPR's Green Ranger, MMPR's White Ranger, Zeo's Gold Ranger, Space's Silver Ranger, Lightspeed Rescue's Titanium Ranger, Time Force's Quantum Ranger, Wild Force's Lunar Wolf Ranger, Ninja Storm's Green Samurai Ranger, Dino Thunder's White Ranger, SPD's Omega Ranger, Mystic Force's Solaris Knight, Operation Overdrive's Mercury Ranger, RPM's Rangers Gold and Silver, and Samurai's Gold Ranger.
  • Super Mode: Used by the main five Rangers in conjuction with the "Gosei Tenswords".
  • Draconic Armor Mode: Red Ranger's Battlizer mode. When Red Ranger in his Super Mode places the Battlizer card into his "Super Tensword", he gains dragon-like wings and his boots and gloves change to gold.

The Zords are living head-like items, some of whom can summon robotic bodies for the heads to attach to. They are as follows -

  •  ? Megazord (Tensou Gattai Gosei Great): Combination of the Rangers' main five zords.
    • Dragon ?zord (Dragon Headder -> Gosei Dragon): The Red Ranger's zord.
    • Phoenix ?zord (Phoenix Headder -> Gosei Phoenix): The Pink Ranger's zord.
    • Python ?zord (Snake Headder -> Gosei Snake): The Black Ranger's zord.
    • Tiger ?zord (Tiger Headder -> Gosei Tiger): The Yellow Ranger's zord
    • Shark ?zord (Shark Headder -> Gosei Shark): The Blue Ranger's zord.
  •  ? (Seaick Brothers)
    •  ? (Manta Headder)
    •  ? (Sawshark Headder)
    •  ? (Hammershark Headder)
  •  ? (Seaick Gosei Great)
  •  ? (Landick Brothers)
    •  ? (Kuwaga Headder)
    •  ? (Rhino Headder)
    •  ? (Tyranno Headder)
  •  ? (Landick Gosei Great)
  •  ? (Skick Brothers)
    •  ? (Hawk Headder)
    •  ? (Crow Headder)
    •  ? (Ptera Headder)
  •  ? (Skick Gosei Great)
  •  ? (Mystic Datas Hyper)
    •  ? (Datas Hyper)
      •  ? (Datas)
      •  ? (Hyper Change Headder)
    •  ? (Mystic Brothers)
      • Ostrich ?zord (Mystic Runner)
      •  ? (Egg Headder)
  •  ? (Hyper Gosei Great)
  •  ? (Mystic Gosei Great)
  •  ? (Another Seaick Gosei Great)
  •  ? (Another Landick Gosei Great)
  •  ? (Tensou Gattai Gosei Ground)
    •  ? (Groundion): The Silver Knight's true form.
    •  ? (Sealeon)
    •  ? (Skyon)
  •  ? (Ground Gosei Great)
  •  ? (Miracle Gosei Headders)
    •  ? (Miracle Dragon Headder)
    •  ? (Miracle Phoenix Headder)
    •  ? (Miracle Snake Headder)
    •  ? (Miracle Tiger Headder)
    •  ? (Miracle Shark Headder)
  •  ? (Gosei Ultimate)
  •  ? (Ground Hyper Gosei Great)
  •  ? (Ultimate Gosei Great)
  •  ? (Sky-Land-Sea Gosei Great)

The main villain could be a resurrected Dark Specter (Brajira of the Messiah), who plans on having revenge against all teams of Power Rangers (kinda like the Black Cross King in Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle), while at the same time manipulating other villains to soften the current team of rangers up for him, under the guises of the following - ? (Buredoran of the Comet) while with the Warstar, ? (Buredoran of the Chupacabra) while with the Yuumajuu, ? (Buredoran of Chimatsuri) while with the Nighlok, under the deception that he was Master Xandred's heir (hopefully if there's a crossover with the Megaforce and Samurai teams), and ? (Bred-RUN of the Cyborg) while with the Matrintis. He also recruits the ? (Demon Bug Soldiers Bibi) as his foot soldiers.

The first set of villains are the ? (Universal Annihilation Army Warstar)

The second set of villains are the ? (Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu)

The third set of villains are the ? (Machine Onslaught Empire Matrintis)

Villains from Gokaiger - the Zangyack Empire - could also be added, making Power Rangers Megaforce more a of mix of Goseiger and Gokaiger -

And like Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle, a villain whom the first team of Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin) fought - probably Lord Zedd, and he revives other villains - like Sculpin and Venjix (RPM) - and with these two, their comrades - Attack Bot General Kilobyte, Grinders, Magma, Oculous, Hidiacs and possibly the return of Serpentera. Other past villains the Rangers could face are the following:

And for villains who turned over a new leaf.

The Megaforce Rangers (Silver Knight as well) might use the Gokaigers' ability to "Gokai Change" into past rangers, via the "Gosei Cards", but it would only last for one minute (like Ninja Storm's Storm Megazord's Lightning Mode). After they gain their Super Modes they might use these less and less, but who knows? And for the final battle, the Rangers might use some of the same Ranger forms used in "Farewell Space Pirates" before finally going into their own Super Modes to destroy the main villain, whoever it may be.

  • Red Megaforce Ranger - Mighty Morphin Red Ranger, Red Space Ranger, Red Mystic Ranger, Red Samurai Ranger Shark Attack Mode, Draconic Armor Mode
  • Pink Megaforce Ranger - Zeo Ranger I Pink, Pink Galaxy Ranger, SPD Pink Ranger, Pink Legend Warrior, Super Mode
  • Black Megaforce Ranger - Crimson Thunder Ranger, Black Wild Force Ranger, Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger, SPD Green Ranger SWAT Mode, Super Mode
  • Yellow Megaforce Ranger - Yellow Turbo Ranger, Yellow Dino Ranger, RPM Ranger Operator Series Yellow, Jungle Master Yellow Ranger, Super Mode
  • Blue Megaforce Ranger - Blue Alien Ranger, Blue Time Force Ranger, Blue Overdrive Ranger, Blue Dino Ranger Super Dino Mode, Super Mode
  • Silver Knight - Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, Mighty Morphin White Ranger, Gold Zeo Ranger, Silver Space Ranger, Titanium Ranger, Quantum Ranger, Lunar Wolf Ranger, Green Ninja Storm Ranger Super Samurai Mode, White Dino Ranger Super Dino Mode, SPD Omega Ranger, Solaris Knight, Mercury Ranger, RPM Ranger Operator Series Gold-Silver, Gold Samurai Ranger, Gold Mode

Well, these are just ideas of course, but who knows, right?

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