I'm one of the Admins for the Tokupedia hub.

Note: Not as active due to one parent needing constant care at home on top of a 40 hour week job. I want to be left alone

Will be offline for an indefinite amount of time. Depression and laid up from infection surgery.

You can find me mostly on Kamen Rider Wiki...

Cyborg 009 Wiki

and Garo Wiki.

Though truthfully it's very lonely at Garo Wiki, so feel free to show your love of Horror/Fantasy by giving this series a try and help me build the Go-to wiki on all things about The Golden Wolf Knight!
Note: I will be very busy at work on certain days of the week, so don't be surprised or freak out if I don't answer any messages.

Project: Terpsichore


Operation: Holiday Road

Transfer/create data on holiday Toku/Ameri-toku episodes over to the Christmas Specials Wiki as a "Christmas gift" for JeremyCreek.

Currently Building

Ep. 44: A Lovely Christmas Eve



Dan Mora's Variant Cover Comic Pages

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