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Ursus is a massive humanoid, war machine-like monster that rolls on three wheels and is one of the many creatures in the Underworld, it was created by Imperious, and he appears in the third and final part of the three-part episode "Dark Wish".


This huge robotic monster was in the Nether Dimension, and under the command of Imperious. Fightoe's powers were transferred into the creature. In an attempt to keep Ursus from reaching the Human World, Solaris Knight went to the Nether Dimension to fight it with the Solar Streak Megazord. However, the monster was too powerful, and sent the Megazord through to the Human World, and then itself as well. The Rangers then used their Mystic Lion Staffs to Morph themselves into the Mystic Firebird and Mystic Lion. After fighting Ursus with their new Zord Forms, the Rangers then formed the Manticore Megazord. They had the upper hand with the Megazord's claws and the Legend Striker. Finally, the monster was destroyed with the Legend Striker Spin Attack. Dark Wish


Ursus is a mindless machine that will attack any one in it's path.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength: Ursus is one of the more stronger monsters, powerful enough to send the Solar Streak Megazord through the Nether Dimension and right back to the human world with just one attack.
  • Armor: Ursus is highly armored and can withstand many punishments from its enemies.
  • Spike Drones: Ursus' main ability is that it can summon many small spike-like drones around itself and then launch them at its enemies, the drones will circle around and repeatably attack the target.


  • Fist: Even though it lacks a weapon, Ursus can fight with its own hands.

Behind The Scenes


  • This monster doesn't have a voice actor.


  • Ursus is an odd case as unlike the other Mystic Force monsters, as most of them were based off on mythological creatures, this monster is based off on machines.
  • Ursus does somewhat talk, as before launching the spike drones at the Solar Streak Megazord, it is possible to make out the words "Fire!".
  • Ursus is the fourth and final Mystic Force monster of the week to seen only as a giant, the first is the Dark Troll, the second being the Giant Spider and the third being the Gargoyle of the Gates.
  • Ursus is the first monster to be fought by the Manticore Megazord.

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