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"I'm finally up! I want to slurp up human life soon! It's so sweet! That doesn't matter! I just slurp because I want to!"
―Urawadachi's first words upon being summoned by Shitari.[src]

"You guys are Shinkengers? Leave me alone!"
―Urawadachi when confronted by the Shinkengers.[src]

"Your lives aren't sweet!"
―Urawadachi's final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"I can't forgive you guys!"
―Urawadachi after enlarging.[src]

"Don't think combining will help!"
―Urawadachi reacting to DaiKaiOh Kita and his final words before his death.[src]

Urawadachi (ウラワダチ, Urawadachi, 22): Urawadachi is an Ayakashi armed with the Sanshi Hōtengeki (蚕糸方天戟, Silk-thread Square Sky Ji), able to turn himself into a cloth.


Urawadachi lives to slurp up lives, acting out of the Gedoushu, while Doukoku is resting. He looks for a tasty life and finds it in Yoshihisa Matsumiya, possessing the young man's clothing through his feelings for Kotoha. When Kotoha breaks Matsumiya's heart, Urawadachi is forced out before being destroyed by the Tora Five Rings Bullet, after being weakened by Kotoha's Spinning Monkeys attack, and then destroyed by DaiKaiOh Kita's Squid Crash.

His ability to hide on other people's clothes and his cloth powers are the basis of the Ittan-momen (一反木綿) of Japanese myth.


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