This article is about a/an footsoldiers in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

"I spruced up some Basherbots just for you. Do you like them?"
―Badonna about the Upgraded Basherbots[src]

Character History

Badonna introduces them to Brax as a “token of her love”. They, wore with red ribbons; go to Earth with her and Tynamon and battle the Rangers, giving them a challenge. However they quickly retreat with Badonna, Tynamon and Brax.Prepare To Fail

They return and fight with Badonna against Ninja Steel Red, Yellow, White and Pink. Tech Support

They are all destroyed offscreen when Victor and Monty do exploded the Warrior Dome Ship.Reaching the Nexus

Upgraded Basherbots (with red slashes)

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: They are much stronger than normal Basherbots.


  • They wear white coats, just like their counterparts.
  • They appeared in only two episodes.


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