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Uobouzu of the Nessie (ネッシーのウオボ渦(ウズ) Nesshī no Uobōzu) is a member of the Earth Condemnation Group Yuumajuu.

Character History

Uobouzu is a veteran Yuumajuu that was part of the Yuumajuu army that attacked Earth 10,000 years ago. His main power is his ability to steal shadows with his extending tongue, causing his victims to become paralyzed. He proved to be a very dangerous foe and the Gosei Angels of that time had difficulty fighting him off. He is famous for almost killing the Groundion Headder and weakening it to the point where it got separated from the rest of the Angels and became buried underneath a glacier. After Uobouzu was defeated, he was banished into a foggy lake where he was unable to pry on innocent victims.

In the present, Uobouzu is recruited by Makuin who asks for his aid to finish what he started ages ago. He proved to be just as powerful a foe as he was in the past and the Goseiger's have trouble stopping him. Uobouzu eventually meets his end against Ground Gosei Great.


He talks in riddles and in an ominous manner about how he hates cloudy weather, because it prevents him from stealing shadows when there is no sun.


  • Shadow Theft: His most dangerous ability, Uobouzu can steal shadows from victims, crippling them as a result.
  • Extending anatomy: Uobouzu can extend his neck and tail to attack the enemy from a distance.
  • Energy attacks: He also has a huge range of energy-based attacks, shooting out of his hands and mouth, as well as shock-waves from his body.
  • Arm-blades: For melee fighting, he has the ability to make blades appear from his arms.



Uoubouzu of the Nessie is voiced by Junpei Morita, whose notable role was Creation King Ryuuwon in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.

Behind the Scenes

  • Movie Reference: His name comes from the movie The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (ウォーター・ホース Hōsu).
    • "Uo" also makes up the Japanese translation for "fish".
    • Aside from being associated with the Loch Ness Monster, his position as an old soldier connects with the story of "Crusoe" (the monster from the movie) taking place during World War II, as England was being besieged by the Nazis.
  • The kanji in Uobouzu's name is the one for "swirl" ( Uzu). He is modeled after a snail.
    • Uobouzu is also based on the Loch Ness Monster, a very popular cryptid that is said to lurk in the Loch Ness.
  • For reasons unknown, Uobouzu does not appear as an illusion created by Semattarei of the Brocken Spectre even though he was the monster of an episode before Epic 24.

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