This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Time Force.

Another mutant taken out of the X-Vault by Frax to terrorize the city. Univolt was an impressive fighter and pumelled the rangers with ease.The newly formed Silver Guardians arrived to protect a client's property and attack the mutant despite Wes's warning of its strength, their weapon's had no effect and Univolt blasted them down. Univolt then prepared to kill the commander but Wes took the blast breaking his helmet's visor and revealing his identy to Eric and his father in the process. Univolt then attemped to finish him but was distracted by the other rangers. After telling his father his choice, Wes left to help the others. Univolt had beaten the other and was about to finish them off but Wes return with his B-1 cannon blasted his weapon away and used it and Chrono Saber's to weaken him and was promply taken down by the Vortex Blaster.Univolt was put in containment and has not been seen since. 

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