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"Rangers! Not much only to destroy you."

Univolt is the powerful electric mutant and second powerful mutant released by Frax from the X-Vault. He is the main antagonist of the episode "Worlds Apart".


Univolt like all other mutants, was created in the result of chemical accident. Before the events of the series hee was captured by Time Force rangers. He was extremely dangerous mutant and was placed into X-Vault. In the twelfth episode, he was released by Frax. Frax sent the mutant to destroy the rangers and the city. Univolt attacked the city with army of cyclobotes. He was too strong for rangers. He used the powerful energy shotgun and was extremely dangerous enemy. He easily defeated the rangers and started to crush the city. Then the silver guardians arrived and tried to fight the mutant, but even together rangers and soldiers couldn't defeat the mutant. Univolt nearly killed the Silver Guardian Commander, but Wes took the blast on himself, breaking his helmet and revealing his identity to Eric and his father. Univolt countinued his rampage and easily beated the other rangers. But Wes interrogated and finally defeated Univolt, with Time strike and Vi-blasters. The mutant was eventually defeated by blast from Vortex blaster. After Univolt's defeat Frax stoped using his mutants and preferred to work with Ransik with making plans. Worlds ApartThough this mutant never appeared again, he made a cameo in the season S. P. D.

Univolt made a cameo in Parkington Market at the time when Jack Landors and Elizabeth "Z" Delgado were running from Sky, Bridge Carson, and Sydney Drew.Beginnings

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Left thigh, did not go giant.


Not much known about personality of this mutant. Univolt is shown to be recourseful, calculating, mysterious, intelligent and cunning, knew how to fight the rangers. He is very menacing, destructive, unpredictable, wants to destroy the rangers and the town at any means. And he is also shown to be paranoidal and little cowardly, as he was frightened to be defeated by Wes. But he is also loyal to Frax.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Powerful armor: Univolt has very powerful armor, which can stand against blasts of Rangers and Silver Guardians.
  • Enlarging: possibly, Univolt can enlarge himself, using his chain of DNA, but he never used it.


  • Shotgun: Univolt uses a powerful energy gun, which can make holes in the ground.

Behind The Scenes



  • He is the only mutant from the X-Vault to be defeated by the Vortex Blaster and not grow into a giant before being contained.
  • He is not named onscreen.

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