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""There's a Gigadrone coming. Downtown, sector Bravo 36.""
Commander Shaw informing Devon of this Gigadrone's imminent arrival.[src]

Unidentified Gigadrone 4 is a Gamma Model Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2.

Character History

Scrozzle created this Gigadrone out of a Gamma Model shortly after returning to the Crystal Dimension with the late Ryjack's arsenal of weapons whilst the Beast Morphers Rangers and Dino Charge Rangers were confronting Snide who still had Keeper. The Gigadrone Detectors picked up on it and the Rangers left to confront it whilst the Dino Charge Rangers fought Snide. It appeared outside of a Morph-X Tower in sector Bravo 36 and managed to rip the top open with its magnetic powers. The Rangers arrived and formed the Beast-X Megazord and Wrecker Zord Battle Mode with the Jet Zord providing air support. They easily tossed down the Gigadrone and the Jet Zord's Rapid Blast and prevented its immediate retaliation. Having weakened the Gigadrone, the Wrecker Zord equipped its cannons and Devon summoned his Cheetah Beast Blaster and this Gigadrone was destroyed by a combination of the Beast-X Hyper Strike and Wrecker Zord Bazooka Blast.


This Gigadrone appeared to be resolute in its goal to steal Morph-X, outright ignoring the Wrecker Zord and Beast-X Megazord until they literally threw it to the ground. However, it was also very cowardly, outwardly cowering before the formations after being shot by the Rapid Blast.

Powers and Abilities

  • Durability: The Gigadrone was struck by the Jet Zord's Rapid Blasts but was unfazed.


  • Magnet Arms: This Gigadrone has square magnets on its arms for combat.
    • Magnetic Blast: This Gigadrone could launch a blast of red magnetic energy lasers to force the top of a Morph-X Tower open.
    • Magnetic Attraction: This Gigadrone can magnetically absorb the Morph-X through its magnet arm and (presumably) send it to the Cyber Dimension.

Behind the Scenes


  • This is the first Gigadrone since Keydrone to successfully steal Morph-X and the first since Turbodrone to do it itself (Keydrone and Gamerdrone used Morph-X Domes instead of attacking a tower).
  • Unidentified Gigadrone 4 is the 4th Gigadrone not to have a Robotron counterpart.
  • It is the final Unidentified Gigadrone.

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