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"Vargoyle has been spotted in the city and a Gigadrone is on the way."
Grid Battleforce's communications officer alerting Commander Shaw to the imminent arrival of this Gigadrone.[src]

Unidentified Gigadrone 3 is a Gamma Model Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2.

Character History

After Ryjack and golden Vargoyle returned from a battle where they poisoned Zoey and Ravi, Vargoyle was sent back to Earth to destroy the Rangers and this Gigadrone was deployed to steal Morph-X from a Tower. The plan was that the Gigadrone would either be able to steal Morph-X or that it would be destroyed but the Rangers who went to fight Vargoyle would be destroyed. The Gigadrone Detectors discovered this Gigadrone and Nate and Steel went to fight it whilst Devon and Captain Chaku dealt with Vargoyle. They deployed in the Wrecker Zord and Jet Zord with Steel providing air support as Nate changed his Zord into Battle Mode and they took on the Gigadrone with the battle eventually devolving into a duel between the Wrecker Cannons and the Gigadrone's blaster which were evenly matched. Shortly after Vargoyle was killed by Devon and Chaku, Nate and Steel combined into the Striker Megazord which destroyed this Gigadrone with its Striker Hyper Blast.


Although it doesn't speak, this Gigadrone was clearly fearless and relentless, taking on both a Zord that was a match for it in size and strength as well as a Zord reinging down firepower from overhead. All it seemed to care about was stealing Morph-X and destroying anything that got in its way.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: This Gigadrone was hit multiple times by the Wrecker Zord's Crane Crash but didn't even stumble.
  • Durability: When exchanging laser fire with the Wrecker Zord, it took a full salvo of the Jet Zord's Rapid Blast but didn't even flinch.


  • Arm Cannon: In place of a left arm, this Gigadrone has a long golden blaster which can quickly fire yellow energy lasers. Said lasers serve as a perfect match for the Wrecker Zord's lasers.

Behind the Scenes


  • Like all Gigadrones following Vacuudrone, Unidentified Gigadrone 3 is silent.


  • Unidentified Gigadrone 3 is the third Gigadrone to not have a Robotron counterpart.
  • This Gigadrone bears a striking resemblance to (ironically enough) Unidentified Gigadrone 1, right down to the massive gun barrel instead of a left arm.
    • In Go-Busters, DanganZord 2 is based off Danganloid 2, (Gold Vargoyle's Sentai counterpart).

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