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The Unicorn Minosaur (ユニコーンマイナソー Yunikōn Mainasō) is a Minosaur monster from Druidon Tribe in Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

  • Swordsmaship: The Unicorn Minosaur is very skilled when wielding a fencing sword in combat.
  • Speed: The Unicorn Minosaur can move from one place to another instantly.
  • Heat Manipulation: The Unicorn Minosaur can generate and focus his heat through his Unicorn Saber.
  • Red Lightning: The Unicorn Minosaur can generate red lightning to his body and focus it through his Unicorn Saber.


  • Unicorn Saber (ユニコーンセイバー Yunikōn Seibā): A fencing sword like weapon that the Unicorn Minosaur wields in combat.

Behind the Scenes


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  • The overall appearance of this Minosaur somewhat resembles Phantom GnomeIcon-crosswiki of Kamen Rider Wizard.
  • His unicorn theme and fencing skills brings to mind Unicorn Zodiarts from Kamen Rider Fourze.


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