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Unexpected Guest is the eighth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury. [1] It features the return of Mick Kanic from Power Rangers Ninja Steel, the debut appearance of the Dino Fury Megazord Blade Formation and Warrior Formation and Muscle Dino Key, the final appearance of Boomtower until his brief revival in Waking Nightmares, and the true reason as to why Void Knight is collecting the Sporix.


A familiar face arrives on Earth and Zayto dismisses his quest as a distraction. After he saves the Rangers from a powerful Sporix Beast, Zayto realizes an important lesson.[2]


The Rangers are in the Dino Fury Megazord Blade Formation fighting against Doomsnake. Zayto summons the Mega Fury Saber, and they defeat Doomsnake with the Mega Slash. On the ground, Void Knight, Mucus, and another hatched Sporix Beast Wolfgang see the battle, with Mucus unimpressed by Doomsnake’s loss. Void Knight orders Wolfgang to mark his territory, and the latter lets out a mighty howl, strong enough to weaken the Megazord’s integrity. The Rangers teleport out of the cockpit just before the Megazord entirely falls apart into pieces. After seeing this, Void Knight orders Mucus to collect Doomsnake’s Sporix Cell.

The Rangers discuss what happened, but before Zayto could develop a plan to figure out who caused their Megazord to fall apart, a bird flies in front of his face, much to his irritation. Then, the bird transforms into a human being, introducing himself as Mick Kanic, and immediately recognizes them as Power Rangers. As the Rangers demorph, Mick explains that he came back to Earth following the Ninja Nexus Prism, explaining that it has a strong connection to the Morphin Grid and believes it landed somewhere in Pine Ridge. Mick asks the Rangers for assistance finding the Prism, but Zayto says that they are too busy to help him find something he never even heard of before. So, Mick goes off on his own while Zayto tells the team to search for clues about how the Megazord fell apart. The five teleport off to different areas inside the forest, while Mucus, having overheard their conversation, teleports back to relay the news to Void Knight.

Later that day, Javi and Amelia return to BuzzBlast with no leads on what caused their Megazord to fall apart. Mick arrives as well, having transformed into a package to enter BuzzBlast to use a computer to look for the Ninja Nexus Prism. However, he is caught by J-Borg, who tells him that only BuzzBlast employees can use the computers. Before being dragged away, Mick changes into a basketball and bounces around the office, destroying a cake Jane was making in the process. Mick bounces out of the building as Javi and Amelia follow him, just as Wolfgang teleports in. Wolfgang orders Mick to come with him, but the latter transforms into a toy car and makes the Sporix Beast’s job hard. The rest of the Rangers teleport in after Javi calls for backup, though Ollie asks why Wolfgang wants Mick. Wolfgang reveals that he wants Mick so he can find the Prism for Void Knight, but the Rangers declare that it would not happen and morph. Wolfgang proves to be a challenge for them and even blasts off the Boost Key armor off Izzy and Amelia when they try to use them, revealing to the Rangers that he was responsible for dismantling their Megazord earlier. Knowing that protecting Mick was critical, the Rangers teleport him out, frustrating Wolfgang.

Back at the Dinohenge chamber, Mick shows the Rangers the Legendary Ranger Database, a collected source of Ranger information he has been keeping track of. Mick places it into the console and explains to the Rangers that the Ninja Nexus Prism is not only the source of the Ninja Steel Ranger’s powers, but it is the subject of many legends as it goes wherever it is needed. While it is unknown where the Prism originated from, Mick does know that it has a connection to the Morphin Grid, proclaiming that they should not let it fall into the hands of evil. Zayto agrees with Mick, stating that they must protect it from Void Knight, but first, they must find it. Solon uses the information from the database Mick had to find the Prism and manages to locate it at the waterfront. The Rangers teleport there while Mick thinks of a way to stop Wolfgang’s howl attack, asking Solon if she has a kitchen in the chamber.

At Area 62, Wolfgang apologizes to Void Knight for failing to capture Mick, but the latter angrily asks how they will be able to find the Ninja Nexus Prism now. Boomtower volunteers to find it, claiming that he could destroy the Rangers thanks to his Sporix Cell, but Void Knight warns him not to bother coming back if he fails again. Boomtower agrees to those terms and takes Wolfgang with him.

The Rangers teleport to the waterfront and find the Ninja Nexus Prism standing idly on the dock. Sensing that the Prism alive, Zayto decides to read its mind, extend his antennas, and place his hand in the Prism center. Zayto discovers that the Morphin Masters created mystical artifacts to help Ranger teams through the Morphin Grid, and one of those artifacts was the Ninja Nexus Prism. Then, the Morphin Masters sent the Prism out into the universe to fight against evil, going down to Earth at one point and granting the Ninja Steel Rangers their Power Stars to fight against Galvanax. Once the Ninja Steel Rangers completed their mission, the Prism left Earth, while the Morphin Masters continued to watch every Ranger team fight against evil, including the Beast Morpher Rangers and themselves. All of this astounds Zayto as he had no idea they did that before revealing that the Prism came back to Earth for a new mission, one that it is currently searching for.

Before the Rangers could come up with ideas about what the Ninja Nexus Prism’s mission is, Boomtower and Wolfgang teleport in, declaring their intent to destroy them and take the Prism for Void Knight. Suddenly, the Prism flies off and goes into the sea. The Rangers morph and take on Boomtower and Wolfgang, but Javi and Ollie get knocked into some boxes and get trapped. As the others try to free them, Boomtower orders Wolfgang to howl at the cliff above them so the rocks would crush them. Just when the cliff is about to fall apart, Mick teleports in and tosses Wolfgang an orange lozenge, causing the Sporix Beast’s voice to go higher in pitch. Mick calls it his No Howl Drop, saying that it quiets down even the harshest voices and preventing from howling ever again.

Under Boomtower’s orders, Wolfgang gigantifies himself with the former joining him. Mick returns to the chamber as the Rangers summon their Zords to fight against the twosome, and Zayto orders the Rangers to show Boomtower a new combination. The Rangers combine their five Zords together and form the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation. Boomtower charges at them, but Zayto uses the Megazord’s shield to trap his claymore in the T-Rex Champion Zord’s jaws before knocking him down with a Bite Blast. Then, the other Rangers use their own attacks to overwhelm Boomtower; Ollie and Izzy attack with a Double Dino Slash, Amelia fires with an Ankylo Blast, and Javi strikes with the Stego Drill. All of this knocks Boomtower down, leading Mucus to order Wolfgang to help him. Wolfgang leaps behind the Megazord, but the Rangers stab at him with the Tiger Lance and defeat him, although Mucus manages to collect his Sporix Cell. Boomtower loads up for a Boom Blast, but the Rangers manage to push through with the shield and push him away again. Zayto decides to end Boomtower once and for all, summoning the Mega Fury Saber and striking with the Dino Mega Slash, destroying Boomtower for good. Just as Mucus was about to grab the Sporix Cell Boomtower had, Izzy pushes her aside and claims it for the Rangers. Mucus retreats before Izzy could slash at her, and the Rangers see the Ninja Nexus Prism emerging from the sea and leaving Earth, seemingly having completed its mission.

Back at Area 62, Mucus tells Void Knight about Boomtower’s death and gives him Wolfgang’s Sporix Cell, but Void Knight is not happy that thanks to Boomtower’s stupidness, they only have a powered up Sporix Cell and not the Ninja Nexus Prism. To further Void Knight’s frustration, the Cell only powers up the machine by a margin, getting impatient that this is taking too long for him to handle. Void Knight retreats to his secret room, revealing a comatose woman inside a cryogenic chamber - his lover, Santaura. Void Knight tells her that they're becoming impatient, but he promises her he will bring her back to life.

Back at the Dinohenge Chamber, Amelia places the Sporix Cell back into the chest as Izzy is hungry after their fight. The Rangers find some candy on the console and eat them, but Mick and Solon panic as they just ate the failed prototype No Howl Drops, affecting the Ranger’s voices. Thankfully, Solon lets out a mighty roar that jolts the Rangers back to their senses. Zayto apologizes to Mick for dismissing the Ninja Nexus Prism earlier, now having a better understanding of how important it was. Mick accepts it, feeling that his Ranger team is amazing. Ollie asks Mick if he figured out what the Prism’s mission on Earth was, but the latter admits he has no idea nor about Rafkon when Zayto asks him. Mick decides to head out and continue his journey of following the Ninja Nexus Prism, saying that it was an honor to help them.


Archive footage; Uncredited

Dino Fury Keys


  • When discussing about the Megazord, the zippers on the back of Javi and Izzy's suit can briefly be seen.
  • Wolfgang was missing a tooth during the Megazord fight. This is because in Ryusoulger it was ripped off by Zayto’s counterpart.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Wolfgang's howl makes the Zords break into pieces, but in the end they reappear without explanation.
  • In the scene with the red and green morphin masters the red morphin master's cape looks dark pink. This is probably an optical illusion caused by the high light level in the scene visually bleaching the red morphin master's cape.


  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 3
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 4
  • It is revealed that Void Knight needs the Sporix energy to restore his lover, Santaura.
  • Doomsnake has the shortest amount of screen time for a Sporix Beast. He is already a giant, and is quickly destroyed at the beginning of the episode.
    • Ironically, Draknarok's Sentai counterpart only appears as a giant, and normal-sized footage had to be made for him, and Doomsnake's Sentai counterpart does appear at normal size, but this footage is not used.
  • This is the first time more than one Sporix Beast attack the Rangers during an episode being Doomsnake and Wolfgang, and the first episode where the Rangers retrieve a Sporix that they lost previously.
  • This episode reveals that Morphin Masters created most of Ranger teams' mystical artifacts, including the visual presentation of creating Dino Gems from Dino Thunder, Energems from Dino Charge and Ninja Nexus Prism from Ninja Steel.
    • This makes the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the only dinosaur based team whom the Masters were not shown to have a direct hand in creating their morphing artifact, as the original Power Coins were forged by Ninjor, who housed books written by the Masters within his temple, which may explain how he was able to create them.
  • When Zayto discovers that Morphin Masters observe every Ranger team, clips from Ninja Steel and Beast Morphers episodes are showed.
  • This is the first appearance of Mick Kanic since Super Ninja Steel's "Reaching the Nexus."
  • Mick shares his Legendary Rangers' Database with Dino Fury Rangers. Ollie and Solon will use this database next time in "Old Foes".
  • From the address on the package which Mick disguises himself as, BuzzBlast's office is located on Shortland Street, which is a reference to the New Zealand soap opera which has featured several actors who have also appeared in Power Rangers.
  • Mick confirms that in the three years since the Super Ninja Steel finale, he has met over forty other Rangers throughout the galaxy. Their points of origin remains unclear, however this validates that there were other unknown Ranger teams who are/were simultaneously active during Beast Morphers.
  • Izzy referring to Boomtower as a castle is just like his counterpart.
  • Solon reveals her natural voice to the Rangers for the first time; it translates to an ear-splitting roar.
  • In this episode Mucus calls Void Knight a "heinous highness" just like Mordant did for Ivan Ooze in the Mighty Morphin Powes: The Movie.
  • Santura and her predicament, intentionally or not, are a mirror of Nora Fries, wife of Victor Fries aka Mr. Freeze from the Batman series.
  • Aside from appearing in the flashback in the episode, the Hengemen don't appear in present time this episode.
  • In this episode we again see the Space Taxi after Mick Kanic leaves.
  • The only Minosaur that wasn't adapted in Dino Fury was Mimic Minosaur.

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