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The Underworld in Power Rangers Mystic Force.

The Underworld was a realm that was the home of the Morlocks in Power Rangers Mystic Force.


The Underworld was a realm based under the surface of the Earth commonly depicted as a lifeless wasteland with the Morlocks' base being within a giant sinkhole. The parts of the Underworld used throughout Mystic Force varied drastically depending on the active leader at the time. When Morticon was in charge, they utilized the massive underground throne room surrounded by Hidiac holes. At the center of the throne room was a white pool that turned red and signified the Master's presence. The lair also hosted numerous passageways and corridors including lower levels. The lowest of all the levels was the Inner Sanctum where the Ten Terrors resided. When Imperious was in command, though the throne room was occasionally used to commune with most operations were run out of an adjacent room where most monsters were summoned through. Once the Ten Terrors came into play, the throne room and lower layers were abandoned entirely in favor of a massive chamber on the upper levels due to their much greater size.



Twenty years ago, Octomus from the depths of the Earth, attempted to escape in order to conquer dimensions. In a climactic war between the Morlocks and the Mystics, Leanbow sealed them away away once more.

Mystic Force[]

By the time that Koragg, The Knight Wolf breaks through the seal in 2006, the Infershia are run by Morticon although his lack of dark magic ensures that most of the early schemes revolve around gaining energy to enlarge him. Tvicon TV STORY-Broken Spell

Koragg later steals the Titan Megazord power and uses it to release Morticon who overwhelms the Mystic Titans only for Nick to re-seal him. Tvicon TV STORY-Whispering Voices

After the death of Flytrap and Necrolai's failure to destroy the Mystic Rangers with a vampire Vida, Morticon banishes her from the Infershia for fear of death as he believes that she is planning to overthrow him with Fire Heart's power. Tvicon TV STORY-Petrified Xander

Koragg eventually uses Clare's Gatekeeper powers to raise the Underworld and unleash Morticon only for Nick and Catastros to re-seal the Underworld. Tvicon TV STORY-The Gatekeeper

With Morticon defeated, Necrolai is able to successfully rejoin the Morlocks without fear of death and resurrects Imperious to replace him as the acting leader. From this point onwards, the throne room is rarely used with most operations being run out of side chambers. Tvicon TV STORY-Long Ago

After Leanbow seemingly kills Octomus, Necrolai is the last remnant of the Morlocks left after Daggeron kills Imperious. Needing help to resurrect The Master, she reawakens the Ten Terrors who initially wish to kill her until Gekkor convinces them to listen. Upon hearing of Octomus' plight, the Ten Terrors join the Morlocks (despite Megahorn and Serpentina's reservations) and take up residence in the Underworld. Tvicon TV STORY-The Light

After being chosen by the Stone of Judgement, Hekatoid sets up his own base inside a cave on Earth to execute his plan. Tvicon TV STORY-Stage 43: The Garden of Thorns

Upon Octomus's resurrection through Matoombo, Necrolai begs for them to save Leelee which Sculpin and Black Lance refuse to do since she has sided with humanity although Itassis agrees. Itassis goes to attack the surface world only to be convinced by the Rangers' heroism so Black Lance and Sculpin have Necrolai lead them to Itassis who they promptly murder in cold blood. Despite this, she is later resurrected by Necrolai and they save Udonna before she destroys Sculpin. Afterwards, they escape the Underworld as it ceases to exist due to having no-one left to sustain it. Tvicon TV STORY-Mystic Fate


  • The main throne room and the place were originally two different villain bases in Magiranger since the main chamber caved in during the events of "Heir Apparent."

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