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Prm Underwater Laboratory

Underwater Laboratory

The Underwater Laboratory is the base of operations of the Robots. It is located at the coastal shallow sea near Harwood County, directly beneath the Warstar Spaceship.


This dome-like, undersea facility was created by Vrak while the Insectoids and Toxic Mutants fought the Mega Rangers.

It is completed after Bigs and Bluefur are defeated and is the place where Metal Alice is perfected soon afterwards.

From then on, this is where the attacks against Earth were launched and where almost all of the Robots were built.

It possesses many sensors and high-resolution viewing screens to monitor the battles at the surface of the planet as well as radio transmitters that can reach deep into space, allowing it to contact the Warstar Spaceship and/or the Armada Mothership if need be and also to remotely access areas on Earth, such as the Underground Cavern.

After the destruction of the Warstar Spaceship, it is the last artificially built base in Power Rangers Megaforce.

It currently serves as a refuge to Vrak after he left Metal Alice and The Messenger to their fate and captured Robo Knight while he was down for his own purposes instants before the arrival of the Armada.

After Prince Vekar's death, Vrak captured Orion and brought him to his underwater lair. From there, Orion's energies were drained to create three powerful Gosei Orbs, disable the Legendary Powers, and to transfer the rest to Robo Knight. While it was transferred to Robo Knight to revive, it was corrupted by Vrak's energies which in turn brought Robo Knight under his control. Then, began his master plan to destroy Earth with three giant drills.

While Vrak bragged about how he is so near in succeeding, Robo Knight (freed from Vrak's control at this point) arrived to Vrak's lair to save Orion and to kill Vrak. Quickly responding, Vrak had the lair self destruct in hopes of killing both Orion and Robo Knight. However, Robo Knight managed to transfer his energies into Orion as they escaped, now living within him.

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