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Umitsular is the Vader Monster who gained the infamy of destroying planet Denzi 3,000 years in the past; in modern times he is Vader Monster "06" of the Vader Clan.

Character History


Umitsular destroying planet Denzi

Three-thousand years prior to the series, Umitsular was sent by Queen Hedrian and the Vader Clan to destroy the peaceful planet Denzi with its abilities, using its acidic powers to corrode and destroy everything the people of the planet possessed. In order to combat Umitsular, whom they discovered not only destroyed through its liquid but could grow on its own for further destruction, the scientists of the planet devised the secret weapon DaiDenzin, but the damage to the planet by the Vader Monster had become too severe forcing the base where DaiDenzin was developed to be sent into space to protect it, alongside a Denzi computer and a robot dog to assist whomever finds it.

In the present, Hedrian summons Umitsular to be born from a Vader Monster egg via a special ceremony seeing it as the only Vader Monster that could be enough to finally destroy Earth as she had done to Denzi. Distributing its acid throughout the various waterways within the Tokyo area, it concentrates mainly on the destruction of a specific dam which would allow for the acidic water to flood Tokyo and thus further its destructive path. Akagi and Kiyama quickly discover the plot with the acidic water and the Denziman go on patrol around the dam to prevent it from falling, with DenziRed and DenziPink disguising themselves as scientist Dustlers to infiltrate and stop the dam's destruction. The Denziman hold off Umitsular, eventually destroying it with DenziStick Boomerang, then use DaiDenzin as the Denzi people could not do in the past to destroy the giant Vader Monster and defeat the enemy of the planet their powers came from.

The footage of Umitsular's destruction of planet Denzi is typically used by Denziman in conjunction both with the planet's history or when investigating any possible remnants of the Denzi descendants on Earth.Denshi Sentai Denziman MovieEp. 29: The ESPer Detective's RaidEp. 45: Princess Denzi was Two People


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His most destructive weapon is the creation of a red, acidic liquid which corrupts any water it touches, turning the water into an acid that kills and corrodes anything that it touches. As offensive weapons, he emits a toxic spray from the left side of his head, uses a harpoon that it can dangle opponents with, burrow underground, teleport, can use the lures on his lifejacket as grenades, and can change his size.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Umitsular were designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.


  • Naming - "Umitsuru" - "Sea Fishing"


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