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Ultra Zords

The Ultra Zords are golden versions of the zords that allow the Mega Rangers to become the Ultra Megaforce Rangers. They differ from the Ultra Change Zord. They can grow giant to summon the Gosei Ultimate Megazord.

Ultra Dragon Zord

Originally, this zord was the Dragon Spirit in the Wild Sword, named for its raging power that it was feared for. Though it is originally taken by Vrak, the Dragon Spirit assumes its true form and fights by Megaforce Red's side as his personal Ultra Zord.

Ultra Phoenix Zord

Megaforce Pink's personal Ultra Zord.

Ultra Snake Zord

Megaforce Black's personal Ultra Zord.

Ultra Tiger Zord

Megaforce Yellow's personal Ultra Zord.

Ultra Shark Zord

Megaforce Blue's personal Ultra Zord.

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