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The Ultra Mode is the state of transformation in which the Rangers handle their Ultra Power. It is the strongest asset at hand to them while in the war against Warstar and is powerful enough to handle most enemies with relative ease, although Vrak, Bigs, BluefurAlice and Messenger have been shown on occasion to match or even slightly exceed it and both Rotox and Rico have stood up to it to some extent. The only main antagonists to not face this form are Malkor and Creepox, the most prominent among the Insectoids.

Ultra Zords

Ultra Sword


Ultra Sword

The Ultra Sword enables the Mega Rangers to become the Ultra Megaforce Rangers. The dome on top of the staff holds their Ultra Zords, which are the converted forms of the original weapon that contained their might, the Wild Sword. By pressing a button and pulling the trigger on the handle, the Ultra Mega Rangers can execute the Ultra Power Dynamic Strike. When used individually by the Red and Pink Ultra Megaforce Rangers, its finishing attack is the Ultra Sky Dynamic. With Robo Knight, the Rangers can perform the Ultra Knight Dynamic.

Gosei Ultra Sword

Super Tensword

Gosei Ultra Sword

The Gosei Ultra Sword is the combination of the Ultra Sword and the Gosei Morpher. With it, the Ultra Megaforce Rangers can perform the Ultra Gosei Dynamic finishing attack by placing the Ultra Gosei Dynamic cards in the Gosei Morphers, calling out "Ultra Sword, Ready!". The Ultra Megaforce Rangers say "Ultra Strike!" in performing the finishing attack. 

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