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The Ultra Change Zord is a mysterious Zord with the capability to combine a great number of the Mechazords into a new formation.

Ultra Gosei Great Megazord

"Ultra Gosei Great Megazord activate! Ultra Gosei Great, ready!"
―Mega Rangers[src]

After combining with the Sky Brothers Zords, Sea Brothers Zords, Land Brothers Zords, and the Ultra Change Zord, the Gosei Great Megazord becomes the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. This Megazord is extremely powerful. The Megazord's final attack is the Ultra Mega Strike, which involves firing off all the Zord heads at the opponent.

Appearances: Megaforce Episodes 7, 18


  • The Ultra Change Zord was released in the toys as the Zord portion of a Sea Cycle. The card that accompanied the toy revealed the Zord's name. This Zord came with an additional body piece that only serves an aesthetic purpose, as it is not necessary to build neither this Zord nor Robo Knight as the Gosei Grand Megazord.
  • Tensou's counterpart Datas, a key component of the back-mounted Headder holster was not a character in the American adaptation and thus did not have a Zord figure. To solve this, Bandai America created three "Zord Vehicles" that carried the Sky, Land, and Sea Brothers and combined to form the missing pieces of the Megazord. Conveniently, Datas was tucked in the back of the formation in the Sentai version.
    • It is worth nothing that Datas still technically "appears" in the formation in the show through editing errors, as there are back shots in which he is visible to the audience, though unidentifiable to those unaware of the character. Other editing errors result in parts of Datas Hyper appearing during battle scenes where the character participated, though usually just his fists with the rest of his body off-camera.
  • When this Zord first appeared, it's appearance was not explained. However, it is not related to the Zords created by the Wild Sword known as the Ultra Zords, which would appear much later in the series.
  • The Bandai website photo files of the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord's form were initially labeled as the Star Guard Megazord Hyper Mode.
  • It is unknown where the helmet and back parts came from, as they are not portions of any known Zord.
  • This Zord resembles the Bullet Bill enemy from the Mario franchise, as both have a pointed, domed design and function in a similar fashion of somehow firing themselves at an opponent.

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