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Ultimate Artificial Lifeform Homunculus (究極人工生命体ホムンクルス, Kyūkyoku Jinkō Seimeitai Homunkurusu?, 41 & 42): The result of the Quester's complicated scheme of using the other Negative factions in gathering the needed ingredients for its creation, the Homunculus is an extremely powerful artificial lifeform said to be developed by alchemists in Medieval Europe and created by Paracelsus himself. It possess immense physical strength and can fire lasers from it's mouth. It took the Mercurius Vessel, the Caduceus Staff, the Philosopher's Herb, and the Paracelsus' Mercury to create. Its only objective is destruction much like the Lemurian Mythical Beast.

Character History

Quester Jet Over (Snatch) (クエスタージェット 奪/オーバー, Kuesutā Jetto Ōbā, 41 & 42): A jet created to combine with Homunculus. It controls Homunculus and serves as cockpit for the Questers.

Homunculus Quester Jet Over (Homunkurusu Kuesutā Jetto Ōbā, 41 & 42): Through the specially developed Quester Jet Over (Snatch), Homunculus could be controlled and was practically invincible. In it's first battle it easily defeated Ultimate Daibouken (which fought alone), and then Great Sword Man Zubaan and DaiVoyager. It was later fought by Satoru Akashi in SirenBuilder, who was about to overload it's Neo Parallel Engines in a kamikaze until the rest of the Boukengers talked him out of it. The Boukengers then fought a tough battle against Homunculus with DaiBouken, DaiTanken, and Siren Builder until Eiji arrived with GoGo Voyager. After taking a beating from GoGo Voyagers' cannons and the three Robos, the Homunculus was finally destroyed with Voyager DaiBouken's Super Riding Adventure Drive attack, which used Zubaan as opposed to DaiBouken's normal sword.


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