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Captain Lar (ラー隊長 Rā Taichō) is a red Wular who serves as one of the commanders of the Wular army. Like Wu, he is more intelligent than the regular black Wulars, including the ability to talk. He first appears in Episode 4.

Character History


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Lar is armed with the ice axe-like Bone Axe (骨ピッケル Hone Pikkeru) that can be used as blunt weapon, and when crossed with Wu's Bone Axe , it can also shoot a red energy beam. He often fights driving his Garaba buggy.

Behind the Scenes


  • Captain Lar was voiced by an unidentified voice actor.


  • With the Wular Soldiers the first "hierarchal" grunts, Wu & Lar could be considered commanders with a general above them in the hierarchy.

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