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Ular Bōma (ウーラーボーマ Ūrābōma, 11) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes who ultimately serves Boma Doctor Lehda. He is the true leader of the Ular Soldiers who serve the Boma.

Character History

Ular Boma was the Ular Clan's leader and greatest warrior who was sealed away. Once unsealed by Lehda using the prayers and devotion of the Wular to their leader, Wular Bōma finds the Ular Road, which Japan National Route 44 was built on, and released the vast army of Wular sealed there. Then, to show his kind's unwavering loyalty to Lagorn, Wular Bōma grants several Wular with a new ability to burrow underground to sacrifice themselves to invoke an earthquake to wipe out the human population. However, the Turborangers stop the scheme and the enlarged Ular Bōma is destroyed by Turbo Robo's Turbo Cannon. With the death of their leader, the Wulars since vowed to kill the Turborangers to avenge him.


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As the leader of all Ular Soldiers, Wular Boma possesses the ability to control them and their actions, including granting them abilities to change into Ular Dumplings or, later, Ular Drills that can create massive earthquakes through their creation of fault lines. It uses a staff in combat on its own.

Behind the Scenes


  • Ular Boma was voiced by Eiji Maruyama, who voiced various other monsters in Kousoku Sentai Turboranger


  • While treated as a Boma Beast, Ular Boma is one of the first example of a true hierarchy existing within foot soldiers of a villain group, being the highest commander above the regular Ular Soldiers and their commanders, Ular Captains Wu and Lar.
    • Since the Boma Beasts tended to exist as multiple tribes collected under one banner and other Boma were shown to have others of their own kind living together such as Palm Tree Bōma and Bell Chime Bōma, the Ular Soldiers could just be considered their own tribe lead by Ular Boma even with their tended general usage as the Boma Tribes' grunts


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