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Ui Tatsui (龍井 うい Tatsui Ui) is the daughter of Naohisa Tatsui and a YouTuber who encounters the Ryusoulgers.[1][2] In episode 3, she was also the host of the Medusa Minosaur.

Character History

Ui was a vlogger, who claimed she was visiting far off locations, when in actuality she was still in Japan. Helping her father, Ui would make videos in search of the legendary temples of the Ryusoulgers. During one of her video recordings, Koh appeared fascinated by her antics. However Master Red forced him to return, being that outsiders are forbidden. Koh's appearance was more than enough for Ui to track down Koh and his friends. This displeased the elder, who ordered Koh to erase her memories at sunrise. The method, much to Ui's horror, was to smack her with a sledge hammer. However this plan was shot upon the attack of the Dragon MinosaurEp. 1: Que Boom!! Ryusoulger


Behind the Scenes


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  • Her videos are so bad, Melt describes them as "petrifying", in a twist of irony to that comment her Minosaur had the power to turn people to stone. This is further proven by Koh's statue-like stiffness after a view on one of her videos.
  • Being a main ally who becomes the host of a Monster of the Week against her will mirrors Sawa Takigawa/Stretch SmashIcon-crosswiki.png and Misora Isurugi/CD Lost SmashIcon-crosswiki.png from Kamen Rider BuildIcon-crosswiki.png.


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