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Uchide's Mallet

  • Hazard Level: 240

As depicted in the legends of Issun-bōshi (the Japanese equivalent to Tom Thumb), the Mallet of Uchide (打出の小槌 Uchide no Kozuchi) is a mallet used to grant wishes, most notably making the tiny hero bigger to marry the princess he rescued.

The map to the mallet was initially found by Gajah, but given to Ryuuwon due to the dragon lord's anger for not letting him in on the Gordom Engines or the Questers. The Boukengers track him down towards the mallet, with Eiji ultimately reaching it first before Ryuuwon takes it from him. The dragon lord uses it to make his own Jaryuu minions into giants, believing that he could use this to ease his conquests without needing to make more complex minions such as the giant dragons or the more powerful Wicked Dragons. He ultimately made the Jaryuu so large that even Ultimate DaiBouken could not handle them; but Bouken Silver ultimately steals the mallet back from Ryuuwon and uses it to make the mech even more massive to defeat two of the Jaryuu, while using the normal sized SirenBuilder to defeat the last from the inside out akin to tiny hero Issun-bōshi. Task 21: The Mallet of Uchide

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