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―UU Wurin's final words before his death.[src]

―Revived UU Wurin's final words before his death.[src]

UU Wurin (ウーウーウーリン ŪŪ Ūrin, 12-13)


Bowzock's best traffic light destroyer, a feral alien beast who could blast lasers from his eyes. He was conditioned by Grotch, under Gynamo's instructions, to eat Signalman. When Gynamo lures Signalman into a trap, they put him in chains so Wurin could finish him off. However, Signalman manages to beat him. Fed Imo-youkan by Grotch, Wurin grabs Signalman and is about to eat him, when the Carrangers arrive in RV Robo to save Signalman. This happened before they used the Gekisou Slice on him.

Somehow, Wurin survived the attack and upgraded himself with a helmet, which caused spikes to extend from his body. Now Revived UU Wurin (再生ウーウーウーリン Saisei ŪŪ Ūrin), he joins Zonnette in an attempt to drive a wedge between Signalman and the Carrangers. But seeing Pink Racer, Wurin becomes exposed, as a result of falling head over heels for her, chasing after her for a kiss. The others eventually arrived and used the Formula Nova to destroy him. Given twice the amount of Imo-youkan, Wurin keeps the Carrangers from summoning the Ranger Vehicles until Signalman arrives in the Sirender, laying the death penalty on the Gorotsuki.


UU Wurin is a a feral alien beast. He is so savage that the other Bowzock have to keep him locked up in a special reinforced cage when they're not out rampaging, because he can't control himself; however, he is extremely determined and dedicated to the Bowzock to the point Zonnette claimed he revived himself after his first defeat through sheer willpower. Fortunately, this is undermined by his extreme stupidity as shown when he ruined Zonnette's plan by spontaneously falling in love with Pink Racer.

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UU could blast lasers from his eyes. He wasn't really smart enough to come up with his own plan. so He was conditioned by Inventor Grotch, under President Gynamo's instructions, to eat Signalman. First, Gynamo lures Signalman (who had previously refused the Carrangers help dealing with the Bowzocks) into a trap, where the Wumpers put him in chains so UU Wurin could eat him. After he is defeated by the RV Robo, he somehow returned as Revived UU Wurin, now with a helmet that caused spikes to extend from his body and now wields a cleaver. Now using Zonnette's plan, they disguise him in a full body cast and tell Signalman the Carranger attacked him. It almost worked but UU spontaneously fell in love with Pink Racer, blowing his cover. after turning giant for the second time he manages to short out the rangers connection to the RV Robo before they could summon it, but they were saved by Signalman.

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  • His motif is that of a common snapping turtle.

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