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"Gosh. It's hot in here!"
―UU Ussu's first words which were said randomly when the Baribarian crowd parted for Groutch and his Violent Idiot drink,[src]
"In that case......time for giant size!"
―UU Ussu before enlarging himself.[src]
―UU Ussu reacting to RV Robo's cannons and his final words before his death.[src]

UU Ussu (ウスウスウッス UsuUsu Ussu, 33)


Bowzock's best bodybuilder who drank Gekibaka (Violent Idiot) drinks to become mindlessly powerful. He rode a motorcycle, which he also poured a Gekibaka drink into the gas tank. This caused the speed to increase and triggered a massive forest fire. In battle, he could breathe fire as well, though this was strengthened with the help of the drink. He ate Imo-youkan after being taken down by Pegasus Thunder's Final Burning but was slain by VRV Robo's Victory Twister.


Ussu was extremely dumb, even by Bowzock standards. However, he could also be somewhat creative such as using his Gekibaka drink as fuel to power up his motorcycle. 

Modus and Arsenal

UU Ussu was the Bowzock chosen to test Gekibaka energy drink to become a powerful fire moron. he them set out to spread his hotness to the world by pouring the Gekibaka into his motorcycle's gas tank, allowing it to go much faster and causing everything he passes to be set on fire, but it also caused the engine to overheat and break. After his bike breaks he took two bottles of Gekibaka allowing it to run much faster and  create a giant vortex of fire to knock the Carrangers out of their mecha. It also gave him a fire shield to protect him from the Carranger's weapons, but could not stop attacks originating underground.



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Behind the Scenes

  • UU Ussu is motif of that of a Tiger and a circus performer.

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