Icon-abarangerThis article is about a set of grunts in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

"They're called Tyrannodrones (...) I helped create them."
Tommy Oliver explains to Conner and Ethan[src]

Tyrannodrones are dinosauroid cyborg foot soldiers of Mesogog's Army in Power Rangers Dino Thunder.


Tyrannodrones teleport

Created by Anton Mercer and Tommy Oliver, as a mixture of dinosaur DNA and technology. When Mercer became Mesogog, they were reprogrammed to serve him. They used invisiportals to get around and fight the Rangers.Tvicon TV STORY-Day of the Dino

They were all destroyed by the end of Dino Thunder, when Hayley destroyed Mesogog's base. Tvicon TV STORY-Thunder Struck


Krybots and Tyrannodrones in Wormhole.

The Tyrannodrones also appeared along with Zeltrax, the KrybotsBlue-Head Krybots and Orange-Head Krybots at the time when Emperor Gruumm plotted to conquer Earth in the past. Tvicon TV STORY-Wormhole


The Tyrannodrones are obedient to their creator Mesogog. As with most foot soldiers, they rarely talk.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Body Modification: The Tyrannodrones can change parts of their body at will, being able to turn their arms into scythes.
  • Invisiportal: They can create Invisiportals to teleport at will.


  • Armor: Tyrannodrones have durable armor that allow them to fight off attacks.
  • Resistance: Their optimization for actual combat, coupled with their armor, endowed them resistance against enemy attack to some degrees.
  • Agility: Their optimization for actual combat also endowed them agility to efficiently chase and attack targets.


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  • Scythe Arms: They can turn their arms into scaly scythes to attack their enemies with great damage.

Behind the Scenes[]


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The Tyrannodrones are reptilian cyborgs with some resemblance of dinosaurs as dinosaur DNA was involved in their creation. They have horns, sharp protrusions, and green scales on their bodies as well as black armor and boots. It's implied that they were originally not designed with actual combat capabilities as shown in Tommy's second encounter with Tyrannodrones, where he, Ethan and Conner are looking for Kira, Tommy remarked that Mesogog has greatly improved these foot soldiers after they failed to capture both him and the Dino Gems in his possession.

Their costumes are heavily modified Stingwingers.


  • Their name is a portmanteau of "Tyrannosaurus" and "Drones".


  • Tyrannodrones were the first foot soldiers created by a specific Ranger which were used against the Power Rangers. Ironically that Ranger was Tommy, the first evil Ranger and later on, a member of the team that fought them.
  • The Tyrannodrones were, as of 2004 the last main group of foot soldiers to be exclusive to Power Rangers until the Zentinels in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury 19 years later.
    • They are the only main Power Rangers-exclusive foot soldiers from the Disney Era.
  • Despite the Triptoids being used in Power Rangers Beast Morphers, the Tyrannodrones did not appear, and were replaced by the Triptoids entirely, since they were the main foot soldiers in Abaranger and thus, are the ones appearing in Sentai footage.


Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid[]

Tyrannodrones appear in the board game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid as an opponent in the "Merciless Minions #2" expansion. They are classified as Foot Soldiers.

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