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Typhonis is a Warzord-class Zord featured in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink comic book mini-series.

Technical & Combat Characteristics

This Warzord is a modified version of the Mighty Morphin Thunder Megazord using parts from other decommissioned Zords, namely various Thunderzords such as the Lion, Firebird, Unicorn, and Red Dragon Thunderzords, the White Tigerzord, and the Cyclopsis Warzord. The Typhonis was piloted by Goldar for a time before being commandeered by the All-New Power Rangers.

The construction of the Zord contains many assets from other destroyed and, otherwise, decommissioned Zords, to produce a single unique unit. This includes the head, left forearm and leg of Cyclopsis, the left upper arm and shoulder of the Red Dragon Thunderzord (Warrior Mode), the right arm of the White Tigerzord. The main body of the Lion Thunderzord and the Firebird Thunderzord. As mentioned by Goldar, despite utilizing components from a Megazord, Typhonis was constructed in a manner in which all components are permanently integrated. Thought curiously, the Firebird Thunderzord was capable of detaching from Typhonis and used as an escape vessel.


Goldar constructed Typhonis in secret for use against the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Using the Sword of Light as its primary power source, Goldar deployed Typhonis against the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. this Zord fell under the command of the All-New Power Rangers team who used it to assist the Mighty Morphin team, who was under attack assault by Serpentera, by combining with Titanus and Tor the Shuttlezord, forming the Typhonis Ultrazord.

Following the battle, Typhonis was placed in storage alongside the Zeo Zords.

Additional Formations

Typhonis Ultrazord

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Pink -6 Page 6

Typhonis Ultrazord is the combination of Typhonis, Titanus, and Tor the Shuttlezord.


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