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"Ragh! Ha ha! Surprise! Prepare to get deleted! Ha ha ha!"
―Typeface's first words to Brody and Emma Harris.[src]

"I'm corrupted!"
―Typeface's final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"I should have backed myself up!"
―Typeface's final words before his destruction.[src]

Typeface's virus gun.

Typeface was a robotic keyboard/virus-themed contestant who appeared in the second season of Galaxy Warriors. He served as the main antagonist of the episode "Tech Support."


Typeface is sent by Madame Odius to disable the Ninja Steel Rangers' weapons via a computer virus and easily steal the Ninja Power Stars. He first encounters Brody and a girl named Emma Harris and fights Brody after he morphs one on one before the other arrive. He then summons Basherbots and battles Brody but is kicked away by Levi and overwhelmed by his strength before being forced to retreat after being blasted by the Gold Ranger's Rockstorm Blast. He later returns with Badonna and some Basherbots and encounters all six of the Rangers. He fights Levi and Preston whilst Badonna and the Basherbots take on the others. Typeface is able to easily overwhelm the two Rangers with ease and even though Badonna is taken down by the Ninja Battle Morpher Arrow Mode Hyper Arrow Blast, he is able to infect Preston's Power Star after knocking him down to the ground and then leaves to come back later after he is kicked by Levi. When he comes back in the Industrial Quarter, the Rangers try to fight him with their Element Star Ninja Fire Attack but the virus has rendered them useless. He blasts them down with his eye lasers, rendering their Ninja Blasters useless before blasting them with the same attack again. Unfortunately for him, Emma fixes the weapons and Power Stars and they blast Typeface down with the Ninja Blaster Whiplash which also destroys his virus gun. A short fight then breaks out, ending with Calvin energy slashing Typeface down. Typeface tries to fire energy lasers at them but it had no effect as Cal deflects the blasts with his Ninja Star Blade. Typeface is then obliterated by the Ninja Blasters and Rockstorm Guitar using a variant of their Ninja Blaster Final Attack.

Cosmo Royale gigantifies Typeface so the Rangers form the Ninja Blaze Megazord to take on the monster. Typeface continually uses his space key to teleport around, either dodging or at one point attacking their Megazord. Unfortunately for him, Brody summons the Astro Zord which holds him up in place long enough for them to destroy him once and for all with the Ninja Blaze Megazord's Ranger Blast Final Attack. In his final moments, Typeface curses not having cloned himself before plummeting to the ground and exploding on impact.


Typeface's personality was similar to Hacktrack as he was very violent and obsessed with both technology and viruses.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Typeface was able to teleport in a yellow-green beam.
    • Space Key Teleportation: When giant, Typeface could press the space key on his face to teleport around an area. It was possibly an upgraded version of his regular teleportation ability but is unknown if he could do this at normal size.
  • Eye Lasers: Typeface could fire red colored energy lasers from the two eyes on the space key which caused small explosions. After the Element Stars failed, this was powerful enough to take down all six Rangers.
  • Energy Lasers: After Calvin knocked him down, Typeface tried to wipe out the Rangers by shooting red energy lasers from his hands. This was similar to the ones that he extracted from his eyes and was his last ditch attempt to destroy the Rangers but failed.


  • Expert Fighter-Typeface was able to fight and overwhelm Levi and Preston in battle with ease.
  • Speech: Typeface could talk despite lacking a visible mouth.
  • Strength: Typeface was able to easy overpower both Preston and Levi with ease and knock the former to the ground with just three kicks.
  • Basherbot Summoning: Typeface could summon an army of Basherbots to aid him in combat.


  • Weak Nature-Typeface was reliant upon his virus to cripple the Rangers' weapons as he was extremely flimsy and easy to destroy.
  • Restraint-Typeface was unable to instantly teleport around when restrained by the Astro Zord which led to his demise.


  • Space Key Gauntlets: Typeface possessed a set of gauntlets shaped like space keys from a computer or laptop, which could be used to block his enemies' attacks.
  • Virus Gun: Typeface could use a special gun to infect the Rangers' weapons and arsenal, rendering the Element Stars useless and making the Ninja Blaster Whiplash revert back into the weapons.

Behind the Scenes


  • Typeface was portrayed by Andy Faulkner although he was originally planned to be voiced by Jeff Szusterman before Faulkner was given the role.


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