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Two for One was the nineteenth episode of Season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


When Tommy back in town, he and Kimberly go on a date but it turns into a nightmare when Lord Zedd's new Pursehead monster uses a special mirror to freeze them in place. As even Zack falls for this move, Zedd creates his special Lipsyncher monster which is even too strong for the Red Dragon Thunderzord. Has Zedd finally created a cosmetic catastrophe capable of clowning the Power Rangers?!


Kimberly meets Trini at the juice bar prior to a date with Tommy. Her mother has lent her the purse she had when she first dated her father, and Trini lends her some lipstick. Richie serves them and nervously manages to arrange a study date with Trini. Bulk and Skull enter with what they insist is a "Power Ranger detector", although as it leads them away from the two girls, and straight past Tommy and Jason who have just entered, it clearly isn't working very well. Tommy realizes his watch has stopped and hurries to get changed for the date.

Lord Zedd observes Tommy and Kimberly's date and notes that, with an extra Power Ranger, he needs an extra monster. He tells Goldar to send down a group of putties to take Kimberly's purse. Tommy and Kimberly fight off the putties but one of them manages to slip away with the purse, leaving it and the lipstick some distance away. Zedd forms the purse into the first monster, Pursehead. Tommy and Kimberly morph but Pursehead freezes them with a mirror. Zedd forms the lipstick into a second monster, Lipsyncher.

Zordon contacts Jason, Zack and Billy at the youth center, and they teleport to the Command Center with Trini. They are quickly briefed on the situation and Billy and Trini deduce all Pursehead's weapons are based on the contents of Kimberly's purse. It is decided that Jason will challenge Lipsyncher, Billy and Trini will work on a way to free Tommy and Kimberly, and Zack will go to the park to help them. Jason and Zack morph, but Zack is immediately frozen by Pursehead as well. Meanwhile, Bulk and Skull's Power Ranger detector leads them into the lake.

Billy and Trini have to overload the Command Center's power in order to get enough processing ability. Jason fights Lipsyncher and, despite beating hit by a sonic blast, manages to wound it. Zedd causes Lipsyncher to grow, so Jason summons the Red Dragon Thunderzord. However, he comes off worse in the ensuing battle. Alpha draws attention to this: The Thunderzord has also overloaded.

Billy and Trini finally finish the device; they morph and head to the park. Trini keeps Pursehead busy while Billy free the others. Zordon tells them Jason needs help, so Tommy sends the others to assist and battles Pursehead alone. Pursehead lassos him with dental floss, but Saba comes to his aid, blasting the monster. Tommy rallies and defeats Pursehead, who changes back into Kimberly's purse. Zedd remains confident that Lipsyncher will still defeat the other Power Rangers.

Zack, Kimberly, Trini and Billy summon the other Thunderzords, who attack Lipsyncher. The Red Dragon Thunderzord is also re-energized and rides the chariot of the Thunderzord Assault Team before striking and destroying Lipsyncher. Zedd blames Goldar, Squatt and Baboo for failing him.

Back in civilian dress, the Rangers meet by the lake and Tommy gives Kimberly her purse back. Bulk and Skull emerge from the lake and announce their detector has led them to the Power Rangers...a group of small children.




  • The opening credits have been significantly altered to feature Tommy's new status as the White Ranger.
  • Finster appeared cheering with Squat and Baboo at Zedd's various victories. It was his first appearance since "The Mutiny".
    • Although he wouldn't appear again until Part 1 of "The Wedding", he was mentioned in the second part of the two part episode "The Power Transfer" when Goldar mocked him.
  • When Jason throws his Power Sword at Lipsyncher and puts a cut on her face, this is one of few times in the series an enemy is shown bleeding since the scar is bright red and dripping blood.
  • The fight with the Lipsyncher is the only time the individual Thunderzords other than the Red Dragon attack a monster directly outside of Megazord mode.
    • The Lion Thunderzord's individual attack is never shown, as in Dairanger its special power was to create an illusion of the show's main villain.
  • Trini's line "You'll have to do better than that if you wanna beat us!" is recycled from Food Fight.
  • This episode marks the first time a Sentai monster, Pursehead, has appeared entirely in American footage and no Sentai footage of the monster was used.


  • During the "Today on Power Rangers" segment, the narrator just refers to Tommy and Kimberly's date as just "a day at the park."
  • During the "Today on Power Rangers" segment, we cut to the four non-frozen Rangers reacting in concern. However, the segment didn't explain where Tommy and Kimberly were so it's just weird.
  • The "Today on Power Rangers" segment asks if Zedd has created a "cosmetic catastrophe" when a purse is not a cosmetic. It's an accessory.
  • The initial morph sequence was shown out of order, placing Kimberly before Tommy. The same thing happened in the episode "The Beetle Invasion" eleven episodes earlier.
  • When Lord Zedd grew Lipsyncher to giant size, she still has the cut on her face but it's gone by the time the Red Dragon Thunderzord enters the fight.
    • The Lipsyncher's scar appears and disappears throughout the course of the Zord fight.
  • Despite using stock footage of Jason calling for the Red Dragon Thunderzord, Paul F. Rosenthal still does the voice-over. Walter Jones and Thuy Trang do their characters' voice-overs in the stock footage of Zack and Trini calling their Zords.
    • This was likely to remain "consistent" with the previous line that Rosenthal also delivered.
  • The Power Axe is solid at the head where it's typically hollow. It appeared this way again in the second parts of "Rangers Back in Time" and "Storybook Rangers."

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