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"(Pete) What's the matter, Power Brats?
(Repeat) You say yourselves that two heads...
(Pete and Repeat) ...are better than one!"
―Two-Headed Parrot[src]

The Two-Headed Parrot is a two headed parrot monster created by Finster when Rita chose to use the old saying "two heads are better than one" on the Rangers. The Parrot appeared as a reddish-pink color with one head on the top and the other on the chest. It could fire the feathers from its arms as projectiles. He is the main antagonist of the episode "Two Heads are Better than One".


Two-Headed Parrot was created by Finster. Rita remembered the old saying "Two Heads are better than one" and Finster used this idea. The Parrot could shoot the the feathers from his arms as projectiles and needles from his nostrils. He also could attack the Rangers with red beams from eyes. He attacked Jason and Tommy. Jason and Tommy keeped the principle of team fight and were teaching it their students in karate. But Jason during the battle forgot his own teaching. The monster was near to the victory, but Tommy returned and restored the status of the team. The Rangers used the weakness of the Parrot and gave him the Pamango fruit, making the two heads argue between them. Then Rita enlarged Parrot. The Rangers formed Ultrazord. The Rangers proposed to the Parrot to surrender, but he refused. The Rangers tried to weaken the Parrot instead of destroying him. But Jason apologisely told him that they had no choice and destroyed him. Two Heads are Better than One

The Two-Headed Parrot helped the Machine Empire conquer Eltar before he was destroyed by Zordon's energy waveCountdown to Destruction


Two-Headed Parrot has two heads. They are called Pete and Repeat. They are sometimes arguing with each other. Two-Headed Parrot was an evil individual who wanted to destroy the Rangers to help Rita and when Jason proposed him to surrender, Parrot refused.

Powers And Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: Two-Headed Parrot has big physical strength, enough to battle the Power Rangers.
  • Feathers Blasts: Two-Headed Parrots can fire his feathers as darts
  • Needles Blasts: Two-Headed Parrot can fire needles from his nostrils.
  • Red Eye Beams:Two Headed Parrot can Fire red energy beams from both his top head and torso head

Behind The Scenes



2HP Cos

Two-Headed Parrot in Storage.

  • Two-Headed Parrot comes from what is commonly referred to as "Zyu2" footage, and was not seen in the original Zyuranger.
  • The Two-Headed Parrot was destroyed in arguably one of the more sympathetic monster deaths in the franchise.
  • The Megazord and Dragonzord seemed to agitate and anger the parrot rather than weaken it, however it did not dominate the Megazord and Dragonzord. Despite this, the Ultrazord is used rather than an attempt with the Megazord's power sword or the Dragonzord Battle Mode's finisher.
  • Pete's voice sounded like Lord Zedd and Goo Fish's voices.
  • Although it was never mentioned in the episode, the monster's action figure packaging indicates that the two heads are named Pete and Repeat.


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